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Agile Development with Parasoft Development Testing Platform

Make the most of Agile, Scrum, Extreme Programming, or Hybrid methodologies with Parasoft Development Testing Platform, which seamlessly integrates into any development environment and toolset. With this solution, you can simplify the process of rapidly and continuously delivering high-quality software.

Agile Project Management

Parasoft Development Testing Platform cuts the guesswork out of software development project management. Our estimation and planning tools help teams set reasonable goals for the scope and duration of each sprint, iteration, or release. As business needs evolve, teams can analyze various scenarios to determine the best course of action.

To prevent the surprises that derail schedules, the entire team gains unparalleled project visibility—with automated correlation between requirements, tasks, code, tests, and builds. The team's agreed-upon functionality and quality expectations are clearly defined in the system, then continuously validated behind the scenes.

The result is real-time assessment of your projects: what's on track and what needs to be done to catch-up.

Agile Task Distribution & Monitoring

To help the team align its work with business goals, requirements and issues are converted into actionable, measurable work tasks. These are distributed directly to the responsible developer's IDE according to manual assignments or predefined guidelines.

Parasoft Development Testing Platform unobtrusively correlates related tasks and artifacts, as well as tracks how much time is spent working on these items. Management can evaluate the team's current progress and capacity while continuously improve the accuracy of the team's estimations. It also keeps QA well-informed about what's ready for testing. Moreover, it enables change-based testing, which dramatically reduces the amount of testing that QA must perform on a continuously-evolving application.

Integrated Agile Quality

Parasoft gives teams the industry's broadest spectrum of integrated defect prevention and detection technologies—so it's easier than ever to know when functionality is truly "done". With complicated and time-consuming quality tasks automated, the process of delivering consistent project results is simple.

Developers build and validate code according to the team's agreed-upon policies (for static analysis, peer review, unit testing, TDD, etc.). This improves velocity by reducing the amount and difficulty of downstream debugging and by making code easier to evolve as business needs change.

QA rapidly constructs end-to-end tests that validate all critical aspects of complex transactions, which may extend through web interfaces, backend services, ESBs, databases, and everything in between. Parasoft covers functional testing, load testing, manual user acceptance testing, and application behavior virtualization.

Parasoft Development Testing Platform supports development practices (static analysis, unit testing, runtime error detection, code review) in C, C++, Java, and .NET. For QA, it provides end-to-end functional and load testing for distributed heterogeneous applications (Web, SOA, Cloud).

Seamless Integration

Parasoft Development Testing Platform easily plugs into your existing development infrastructure and correlates all key artifacts: tests, requirements, code, builds, and project tasks. You can instantly assess the current level of verification for each requirement or task by back-tracing to all associated tests.

Parasoft Development Testing Platform connects:

  • Requirements management systems
  • Bug tracking systems
  • IDEs
  • Source code repositories
  • Build management and integration systems
  • Test management systems

Existing unit tests can be integrated into the Parasoft platform for centralized test execution, management, and reporting. These tests can also be extended and optimized—for example, parameterized with data source values, leveraged for runtime error detection, and so on.

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