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Create safe, secure, and reliable software required in modern IIoT, M2M, and transportation systems with Parasoft's test automation tools.

Ensure the functional safety of electrical / electronic / programmable electronic safety-related systems.

Industrial automation systems (and the software that powers them) have become increasingly connected, no longer using private networks, but relying on public internet more and more to connect sensors to critical infrastructure control and back-end enterprise systems. The internet, while enhancing the flexibility of the systems, has created an explosion of new threats and complexities.

From power plants to water reclamation the number of ways that these systems affect the health and safety of the general public is growing. Because of the range of critical systems covered by industrial control, it has become more important than ever to make sure that these components are safe, reliable, and secure. The IEC 61508 standard is an answer to this problem by providing a framework to ensure the functional safety of electronic systems. In particular part 3 (IEC 61508-3) is directly related to software requirements.

IEC 61508 has general guidance for safety-related systems, while other functional safety standards like ISO 26262 are children of this standard.

IEC 61508 provides general guidance for safety-related systems. Other functional safety standards are children of this standard:

Functional safety standards require organizations to prove that the software and safety requirements are met and fully tested. For over 30 years, Parasoft has been helping organizations follow such standards through required best practices like unit testing, test coverage, software metrics, traceability, and static code analysis with built-in support for MISRA, CERT, and other industry coding standards.

Addressing the Challenges of Increased Connectivity

Industrial automation was one of the first industry segments to adopt machine-to-machine communications, now referred to as IoT, to drive efficiencies and savings. As the technology and adoption has grown, so has the complexity in terms of capabilities, as well as in the number and types of components within the system. Unfortunately, the cost of failures within these systems is very real; an outage on a factory production line can cost millions and, with today’s lean manufacturing practices, seriously impact delivery to market.

Testing these systems has never been so important and so complex. Parasoft SOAtest addresses this complexity by simplifying the creation of API/message level tests and, when used in conjunction with Parasoft Virtualize, gives you full control of your testing environment by simulating connected end-points that are unavailable within your existing test infrastructure.

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"Thanks to all this simulation and automation, testers can test whatever scenario they want, whenever they want. Our tests are now 100% reliable and repeatable, and we've eliminated all the variables that previously caused false positives and wasted time. Enabling testers to instantly access the exact test environment configurations that their test plans call for helps Alaska Airlines ensure smooth flight operations when faced with anything from a brief air traffic control outage to a snowstorm in July."

- Alaska Airlines

"The use of Parasoft SOAtest has enabled Sabre to significantly reduce the time needed to deploy services while ensuring these services meet reliability, availability and functional requirements. SOAtest’s ability to easily generate comprehensive test cases and incorporate them into existing regression test suites allows the company to deliver increasingly more powerful capabilities faster than expected. SOAtest has reduced the work needed to verify each new service by 50%."

- Sabre

"The [Lufthansa Cargo AG] SDB project team reduced regression testing efforts by at least 20% with Parasoft... We received very good consulting and so the set up of the complete environment was easy for us — very helpful. And, the training was excellent, so it was easy for the team to understand and work with the solution."

— Lufthansa

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