Financial, Insurance, and Healthcare

Protect your sensitive data and adhere to industry-specific regulations.

Innovate while contending with a legacy of complexity.

The financial, insurance, and health management industries are under constant threat from competitors looking to disrupt the market, and are struggling to innovate and retain their competitive advantage due to the double-edged sword of their established legacy systems that are at the core of their business.

Parasoft helps your organization embrace innovative new architectures, while preserving compliance and removing the bottlenecks associated with existing mainframe resources. In addition, Parasoft simplifies the complexities associated with getting access to realistic test data and leveraging it to test industry-specific formats and services (i.e. Swift, FIX, EDI, and TSYS), while adhering to industry-specific compliance regulations (GDPR, HIPPA, PII, SOX).

From Mainframes to Microservices

Industries providing services that are essential for our daily lives rely heavily on legacy backend systems, such as mainframes, external 3rd-party systems, and large relational databases. These systems have been hardened over time and have become critical to core business processes, but these systems are costly to run, and developers and testers have limited access to them, stifling innovation. As such, the industry is undergoing a digital transformation to migrate functions off these monolithic systems into more easily deployable and maintainable microservices.

This migration takes time, and innovation becomes roadblocked by system access. Service virtualization unblocks you by providing access to legacy systems, enabling you to rapidly get a simulated service up and running, regardless of the complexity. With Virtualize, you can record the traffic from the backend system once, and let the tool do the dirty work to properly assemble the perfect virtual service, and test any time, anywhere.

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Preserving Compliance while Embracing Agile

DevOps tools and principles have revolutionized IT across many industries in recent years. But companies with compliance requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), struggle to balance agility within the software development process while maintaining compliance with these regulations.

Automation is the key for ensuring cost-effective compliance. From static analysis to fully-automated test environments, Parasoft provides the automated software testing tools that you need to ensure enforcement of compliance as a part of your DevOps workflow, integrated with an analytics platform that streamlines reviews and audits of your software development process.

Reliance on Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Transactions

Many industries rely heavily on Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transactions to exchange business documents quickly and securely, but whether it’s an 834 Enrollment message for healthcare or an ANSI X12 EDI Financial Document, teams struggle to test these systems due to the complexity of the format and communication with the system itself. Parasoft SOAtest has integrated EDI functionality supporting all of the dialects, versions, and message types available, enabling you to quickly create test clients that are semantically correct and easy to drive with external data sources.

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Getting Access to Safe & Realistic Test Data

Customer-centric industries must deal with an abundance of sensitive data (i.e. personal information, medical records, credit cards, and account transactions), but compliance initiatives such as GDPR, PII, HIPPA, and PCI-DSS, make using actual data from production not only infeasible but illegal. This presents a significant challenge for testing teams trying to satisfy their complex testing scenarios that require specific customer data sets to be available. This creates significant data friction between test practitioners and test data management teams, as they incur significant delays primarily attributed to “waiting for data.”

Parasoft's Continuous Testing Platform helps testers solve this challenge by giving them a simplified interface to capture, model, mask, and generate their complex data in a safe and reliable way. Testers and developers can access a self-service interface, create the data they need, and use it for their test cases and virtual services, reducing total wait time and allowing for more complete testing.

Parasoft's Comprehensive Solution for Automated Software Testing

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Parasoft SOAtest

Parasoft Virtualize

"Several years ago, test environment availability was the #3 problem being cited at our IT executive meetings — people were constantly talking about the time required to access environments and how this impacted the speed of development... We adopted service virtualization and we were able to respond to the business much faster. That's been incredibly helpful for our ability to keep pace with digital disruption and save on costs so money can be better invested elsewhere."

- CareFirst

"With Parasoft’s integrated functional test automation and service virtualization, we were able to reduce the execution and verification time for our transaction regression test plan from 10 days to a half day... This testing is not only automated, but also quite extensive. For example, to test the Ignis system’s integration with one business partner’s trading system, Ignis’s fully automated regression testing now covers 300 test scenarios in a near UAT-level approach — with 12,600 validation checkpoints per test run."

- Ignis Financial Management

"With service virtualization working together with our automated build and deployment capacity—as well as our test data management solution which injects more comprehensive data sets into the application to increase test coverage—we can bypass all sorts of roadblocks and delays. It's like having access to the FasTrak or Carpool lane versus having to endure rush hour traffic."

— Leading Financial Organization

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