Today's complex and competitive telecommunications market requires agility.

Being on the cutting edge can be painful.

The telecommunications industry is changing faster than most, due to disruptions that companies like Hulu, Netflix, and Google Play bring – many people are ready to cut the cord and abandon traditional content providers all together. As a result, established telecommunication providers are at risk from smaller, more nimble competitors and need to react in order to bring innovative, digital, high value solutions to market quickly so they don't go out of business. Likewise, with 25% of all outages affecting customers being software related, the challengers in the industry need to be careful that outages in service or security breaches do not cause them to lose a competitive advantage. Parasoft provides a comprehensive set of products to address these challenges, enabling organizations to balance agility and quality.

  • Help testers keep pace with development by simplifying omni-channel testing across the various interfaces (Web, Mobile, API), to ensure the customer experience is seamless regardless of the device through which they access your content.
  • Shift-left performance testing by reusing functional test scenarios earlier in performance initiatives.
  • Stay out of the news by performing early stage security testing to ensure your customer data is not compromised by malicious attacks.
  • Test early and test more completely by creating virtual test environments that contain virtual representations of components out of scope of your testing, but required for the tests to execute.

Accelerated Release Schedules

As the industry evolves from waterfall to agile development practices, organizations are re-evaluating their entire software development process and looking to adopt DevOps to streamline the release process and remove the bottlenecks from existing practices. Testing is a key component in ensuring that accelerated releases do not result in a degradation in quality. Parasoft provides the technologies to help you build a solid Agile testing practice and move from traditional siloed testing into fully automated continuous testing.

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Rearchitecting from Mainframe to Microservices

Along with revaluing the software development process, the communications industry has embraced the concept of microservices as a way to become more agile and create applications that are easier to build, deploy, and maintain. But this re-architecture does not happen overnight and legacy mainframe systems are here to stay, playing a key role in the ultimate solution. But access to these systems is limited and costly. Service virtualization removes these roadblocks by decoupling your Microservice(s) from the costly ‘black box’ of the mainframe, and when used in conjunction with API testing, gives the team complete control of their test environment and reduces waste from late cycle testing.

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Late-Stage Performance Testing

As the football season is about to start or the first episode of Game of Thrones approaches, new functionality is introduced into the iPad app to enhance the user experience. Everything runs great until you get to the end of your release cycle and the performance testing teams identify something that might be a problem – but at this point it’s too late. The date is set, so a quick patch is applied and the system rolls out. Unfortunately, the patch is more damage than good and the team have to frantically reboot servers and apply hotfixes to remediate the problem live.

This isn’t an uncommon problem. Many organizations struggle with late-cycle performance testing due to the use of specialized tools and limited access to performance testing environments. Parasoft shifts-left performance testing by repurposing functional tests created with Parasoft SOAtest for performance testing, and using Parasoft Virtualize to simulate the performance characteristics of unavailable or hardware constrained dependencies.

Understand and Overcome the Impact of Change

Being able to articulate the architecture of a new system is a challenge in itself. Integrating change into that new architecture can be even more difficult. To keep pace with emerging technology changes, communications companies need to be able to rapidly assess the impact of introducing a new application into their stack, from both an overall functional perspective and its impact on overall system performance.

Parasoft's Continuous Testing Platform enables you to diagram the architecture of an ecosystem, to both visually document application interlocks and provide a framework to associate health checks to those critical interlocks so that as changes are introduced, you can immediately assess the impact. These business-critical unit and API tests can be triggered as a function of code check-in, ensuring that every time a developer changes anything, deep level analysis takes place ensuring the integrations impact is low risk

Parasoft's Comprehensive Solution for Communications

Parasoft Jtest

Parasoft SOAtest

Parasoft Virtualize

Parasoft Continuous Testing Platform

"Since we started, we've been able to virtualize about 98% of the interfaces involved in our tests, and we've seen a 65% annual reduction in the amount of time it takes us to create and maintain test data (factoring in the time we spend creating and updating virtual assets). We've also reduced staging environment downtime by 60%. Our tests are now more predictable, more consistent, and more representative of what would be seen in production."

- Comcast

"When a new feature is introduced into the product, you only have to create tests for the new feature, and that test creation is automated, so you really have more time to spend developing the new features. And when you get to the release, you only have to worry about the current feature set. There is less rework."

- Cisco

"Software issues escaped to production have a very direct impact on customer satisfaction, so we’ve always made it top priority to maintain an industry-low rate of escaping defects. With this automation, we’ve been able to further reduce the rate of escaping defects by about 60-70%."

— AT&T

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