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The Parasoft tool suite helps you create robust software while understanding risks and complying with functional safety requirements.

Parasoft Software Solutions for Embedded

A small defect in an embedded system can have a catastrophic impact on the lives of the people that rely on it.

Software is integral for the operation of cars, aircraft, medical devices, and so much more. The goal of an embedded development team should be to create safe, secure, and reliable software. Parasoft can help. Our tools can ensure that your software functions safely and securely, works in normal and abnormal conditions, and meets the most rigorous quality and safety standards.

To make sure your device will work properly, deploy Parasoft C/C++test and Parasoft DTP, for unparalleled testing and reporting.

Target-Based C/C++ Development Made Easier

Static Analysis

Static analysis is a fast and effective way to identify defects early, and a critical practice for embedded device development using C and C++. Parasoft's static analysis accurately exposes and prioritizes violations from relevant embedded standards (i.e. JSF, CWE, SEI CERT, AUTOSAR C++14, HIC, MISRA C++ 2008, and MISRA C 2012). In addition, dedicated compliance packs and available qualification kits help customers quickly navigate safety certification and compliance demands.

Parasoft C/C++test allows independent (even disconnected) developers the ability to check static analysis rules locally as well as during continuous integration builds, where hundreds of team members may be contributing code - and as always, without any arbitrary code-counting limitations. Firmware, open source, legacy code – no problem, analyze it all.

A Market-Leading 2200+ Rules for Static Analysis Out-of-the-Box

An In-Tool Wizard to easily create Custom Rules based on Corporate Guidelines

Static Analysis focusing on Critical Issues (i.e. Null Pointers, Buffer Overruns, Multi-Threading, Resource Leaks and Deadlocks)

Unit Testing that Supports Both On-Target and Host Testing

Parasoft provides commercial grade features to quickly build tests isolating specific code components under development. Scalable yet lightweight unit testing features work on host, simulator, or target. Unlike other commercial tools, unit tests can be created in both xUnit and graphical formats providing both flexibility and simplicity of test case logic representation. Unit testing capabilities allow for isolation of dependencies with a powerful stubbing framework, and wizards to create unit tests and collect code coverage.

Creating otherwise tedious pass/fail assertions after unit test execution is easy – C++test uses the data associated with input and return variables retrieved from the target and displays them to the user making the process very fast and simple. Further C++test provides useful information for auditors, managers, and developers, quickly producing reports for the most stringent certification processes.

With Parasoft C/C++test, you get market-leading unit testing support, with a focus on efficiency and ease-of-use:

Powerful Stubbing Framework for C and C++

Support for Open Testing Frameworks such as GoogleTest, CppUTest, and CppTest

Automatic Creation and Wizard-Driven Creation of Robust Unit Tests

Code Coverage

Parasoft provides advanced features to capture code coverage from the smallest to the largest embedded targets. Precise coverage data can be drawn from execution on host, simulator, or target, ranging from basic line coverage up to MC/DC needed for the most stringent safety-critical device development.

Unique to Parasoft is the powerful analytics engine in Parasoft DTP, which permits comparison of data between two builds, effectively providing a "Modified Coverage Report" that narrows the coverage to only the code that has changed. This type of reporting allows a team to set goals mandating that all new device code be delivered with tests that cover the changes. Coverage reporting is also available when using open testing frameworks, such as Google Test, so teams can leverage exiting quality artifacts rapidly.

Collect Code Coverage from Applications running both on the Host and Target

Granular Correlation of Code Coverage to Test Cases

Collect Coverage from Multiple Builds for a Comprehensive Code Coverage Report

Safety Certification

Engineering teams writing code where lives are at stake should be using every means possible to ensure their code, device and overall system exceed the highest standards. Parasoft C/C++test has passed both internal and external reviews required to ensure its use is valid for life-critical systems. With TÜV SÜD certifications for both ISO 26262 and IEC 61508, and leading support for MISRA C and C++, teams can be assured that Parasoft can be trusted with the most stringent safety standards for unit testing, code coverage, and static code analysis. Further still, most types of advanced certifications, like ISO 26262 ASIL level D for example, require suppliers to also prove that the tools used in the testing process are effective in their unique development environment. Parasoft provides a full qualification kit that includes a battery of tests, guidelines, documentation, and even detailed analysis of the tool internals needed for certification.

Make it Easier to Comply with Industry Certifications

Parasoft offers qualification kits for aerospace under DO-178B/C, automotive under MISRA and ISO26262, industrial automation under IEC61508, and medical devices under FDA and IEC 62304. These kits expedite compliance to the standard by providing all of the required artifacts (test procedures, plans, coverage and test case reports) to demonstrate that the Parasoft product family has been qualified as a development tool under these standards.

Parasoft C/C++test is certified by TÜV SÜD for functional safety according to IEC 61508 and ISO 26262 standards, helping development teams achieve the desired safety integrity level (SIL/ASIL).

TÜV SÜD Certified Testing Technology

Qualification Kits for ISO 26262, DO 178B/C, and others

Compliance Packs for Day-to-Day Guidance on Progress for MISRA and Other Standards

Extensions for Workflow Automation and Advanced Reporting

Parasoft provides a powerful framework of customizable algorithms that post process data published to DTP from both Parasoft solutions and open source analyzers. Workflow Automation Extensions help users avoid writing custom scripts to implement complex workflows normally requiring manual intervention (e.g. Open/Close a Jira Issue). Our Marketplace is regularly updated with new extensions that improve workflow automation.

Requirements Traceability, Compliance, and Security Packs

Issue Tracking Workflow Automation

Defined Quality Gates integrated with Continuous Integration Tools

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