KUGLER MAAG CIE is an international consulting company supporting its customers particularly in the field of process improvements. Customers come from the automotive, transportation, finance industries and the health care system. KUGLER MAAG CIE is specialized on the systematic and sustained improvement of systems and services. Using recognized standards like CMMI, SPICE (ISO IEC 15504), Automotive SPICE, Safety (IEC 61508, ISO/DIS 26262, EN 5012x), ITIL, Lean Six Sigma and COBIT, measurable improvements are realized in terms of cost, quality and time.

Parasoft and KUGLER MAAG CIE partnership leads to yet more powerful services provided by KUGLER MAAG CIE to its customers. Parasoft C/C++ Quality Solution with its C++test can help automotive software development organizations achieve compliance with automotive safety critical standards (ISO/DIS 26262, IEC 61508). While Parasoft C++test, as an integrated solution for automating best practices in embedded software development and testing, can be used to fully or partially satisfied the areas of the ISO/DIS 26262 standard, KUGLER MAAG CIE provides services for using it in line with standards and in the most efficient way for process improvements.


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