A test environment management workspace that combines API testing, service virtualization, and test data management into one interface.

Parasoft's Continuous Testing Platform allows users to create test cases, virtual services, and test data right from their browser. These test artifacts can then be combined into powerful environment templates, which can be deployed on-demand using the Continuous Testing Platform's environment manager. These activities all happen in concert with your existing CI infrastructure, allowing you to seamlessly integrate continuous testing into your build process and remove the testing bottlenecks from your DevOps assembly line.

Learn how to take advantage of disposable test environments.

Test Environment Management with Parasoft's Continuous Testing Platform

Using interactive system diagrams in the Continuous Testing Platform’s Environment Manager module, you can layout views of your system under test and associate live end-points and virtual assets to components in the test environment. This provides immediate visibility into the state of your test environment and the ability to dynamically reconfigure it to meet specific testing requirements.

Test Environment Configuration

To effectively execute multiple test scenarios, you need to continuously reconfigure your test environment (test data, service virtualization artifacts etc), which ordinarily takes a lot of time. With the Continuous Testing Platform’s intuitive Environment Manager interface, you can control the components of your system and dynamically reconfigure your test environment in seconds.

Environment Health Checks

When there's a problem in the test environment, it can be difficult to understand when it occurs or its impact on the application. With automated end-point verification and comprehensive health checks powered by Parasoft SOAtest, the Continuous Testing Platform provides you with instant visibility into the health of the complete test environment.

Consistency of Test Results

Executing tests without understanding the context of the test environment is only half the story. Without knowing the configuration and state of your test dependencies, you're unable to determine the accuracy of your test results. The Environment Manager allows you to associate your tests with a preconfigured state of the test environment, to ensure consistency of test results.

Dynamic Test Environments

Create environment templates that combine test scenarios, test data, and virtual services. Then you can deploy the exact test environment you need and integrate it into your CI infrastructure, to dynamically deploy and destroy disposable test environments as a part of your Continuous Delivery and DevOps pipeline.

Test Data Assistance with Parasoft's Continuous Testing Platform

Many daily challenges for software developers/testers stem from an inability to get access to realistic test data. Parasoft's Continuous Testing Platform helps your dev/test teams capture, manage, share, and repurpose realistic test data, reducing data friction and enabling better testing.

  • Reduce the time wasted waiting for data by enabling self-service access to reusable test data.
  • Quickly capture and repurpose realistic test data from interactions between components in your existing system.
  • Easily mask sensitive data so you can safely share test data across teams.
  • Extend existing data to increase test coverage with built-in test data generation functions.
  • Model complex data relationships without complex data structures and efficiently manage hierarchical data through Parasoft's data repository infrastructure.

Virtual Asset Management powered by Parasoft Virtualize

Through service virtualization, Parasoft Virtualize enables you to “shift-left” your testing practices by de-coupling your application from external dependencies that are unavailable or out of your control. The Service Virtualization module of the Continuous Testing Platform connects to Parasoft Virtualize to open up this capability to the broader team, with centralized management of assets that can be leveraged by dynamic test environments.

Federate Creation of Virtual Services

Create virtual services through the Continuous Testing Platform’s thin-client interface for service virtualization. Enable the creation of ad-hoc mocks, and broader access to reusable virtual assets

Orchestrate Your Virtual Services

Simultaneously coordinate the deployment and configuration of multiple virtual services within the context of a test environment. Seamlessly switch between real and virtualized dependencies.

Understand Asset Utilization

Keep track of all transactions that take place in your virtual infrastructure through the Continuous Testing Platform’s interactive utilization report. Track how teams are adopting service virtualization as well as identifying which virtual services are ready to be retired.

Test Orchestration powered by Parasoft SOAtest

Parasoft SOAtest provides complete end-to-end testing for complex omni-channel applications and plugs directly into the API Testing module of the Continuous Testing Platform. This enables entire teams to quickly create API tests as well as access and execute any SOAtest test artifact directly from their browser.

Create Tests Quickly and Easily

Quickly create meaningful, scenario-based API tests from the Continuous Testing Platform’s thin-client interface. Chain test steps together and perform data extraction and assertions, all while data-driving your tests from external data sources.

Build a Library for Collaboration

Tag any test artifact in Parasoft SOAtest with metadata and requirements, to enable seamless collaboration across dev/test teams and immediately execute any test scenario at the click of a button.

Execute Test Jobs in the Context of the Environment

Provide context and ensure consistency of both test execution and results by bundling test artifacts from your library with a test environment. Execute jobs manually through the thin-client interface, or trigger automatic test execution as a CI build step in your DevOps tool chain.

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