How to Get Started and Scale with Service Virtualization

A Guide to Parasoft Virtualize Deployment Options

Read one person's journey.

Get started:

Virtualize Community Edition (free!)

Download Virtualize Community Edition (CE) to get started with service virtualization quickly and for free. Users can create powerful virtual services to support their own local environments and reliably develop and test in isolation.

Download Virtualize Community Edition

Test more completely:

Parasoft SOAtest & Virtualize Professional Desktop

For more complete testing, upgrade to Parasoft SOAtest & Virtualize Professional Desktop. Take your virtual services and test cases to the next level through powerful workflows that allow you to create artifacts on numerous protocols and message formats. Proactively manage change as your services mature.

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Collaborate with the team:

Parasoft SOAtest/Virtualize Runtime Server

To enable teaming, the Parasoft SOAtest/Virtualize Runtime Server allows you to share your virtual assets and test cases. Connect all of your SOAtest & Virtualize Professional Desktops to a shared server, so artifacts can be searched, monitored, and and re-used.

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Scale the team:

Parasoft Continuous Testing Platform + Additional Runtime Servers

Add Parasoft's Continuous Testing Platform to supercharge your runtime servers, providing the entire organization with access to create and configure virtual assets and test cases right from their browsers. Tie together virtual assets, test cases, and test data into an environment template that can be reconfigured as needed to support test initiatives.

Get the Parasoft Continuous Testing Platform

Add performance testing:

Virtualize Performance Server

Support load and performance testing by adding a performance server to your inventory, and unleash unlimited performance from your virtual services.

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Enable continuous testing:

Integrations with CI Infrastructure

Use your existing infrastructure to take the next leap in productivity. Integrate your continuous testing platform with third-party DevOps tooling such as Jenkins, Bamboo, Jira, TeamCity, or VSTS. Execute your test cases from your build system and dynamically deploy environments and test data to support your continuous testing.

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