Agile Testing

Accelerate Agile with a Solid Testing Practice

A Solid Testing Strategy is Key
to Successful Adoption of Agile

The testing pyramid defines how to build a solid portfolio of test cases. It starts with a foundation of unit tests, continues with a focus on API/service-level tests for fully automated end-to-end testing, and ends with a minimal number of brittle and expensive UI-centric or manual tests.

Unfortunately, due to historic investment in traditional waterfall driven testing approaches, many organizations end-up with a top-heavy, UI-driven ice-cream cone rather than a solid and stable pyramid. Parasoft provides the tools necessary to help organizations modernize their approach to testing, making the pyramid a reality and leading to a scalable testing practice that can be efficiently executed to accelerate delivery of Agile projects.

Build a Unit Test Foundation and Fill in the Gaps

Building the foundation of the pyramid can be expensive and time consuming. Not everyone on the team has the same level of expertise or knowledge, either of the code that is being tested or how to create good unit tests in the first place. Parasoft Jtest (for Java) and Parasoft C/C++test (for C and C++) simplify the process of creating meaningful, predictable, and maintainable unit tests.

See Parasoft C/C++test See Parasoft Jtest

Leverage an "Automate First" Testing Strategy

When first trying to adopt the testing pyramid, organizations will often start by taking manual tests and converting them into "automated" tests, but this only results in the creation of an "ice cream cone with a cherry on top" – it’s not possible to easily decompose the UI-driven tests into less brittle API tests that can be executed on demand. Instead, look to an "automate first" strategy and start at the API/service layer.

Parasoft SOAtest was designed from the ground up to seamlessly test at the service layer (REST, XML, JSON, SOAP, MQ etc), and combines these tests with interactions through different channels of the application (API, Web, Mobile, DB) to provide automated end-to-end omni-channel tests.

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Get Coverage from Up & Down the Pyramid

Rarely do organizations achieve a perfect pyramid overnight. More often than not, trade-offs are made to leverage a blend of different techniques depending on ROI and time available. To modernize your testing practice, it is critical to understand what is going on within the underlying codebase, and ensure all changed code has been tested.

Parasoft DTP merges coverage from testing up and down the testing pyramid to give you a complete map of your testing practice with traceability down to the specific test case.

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Evolve from Automated Testing to Continuous Testing

For your test portfolio to be ultimately valuable, tests need to be more than just automated – they must be executed continuously. But as you get higher up the testing pyramid, the tests become more dependent on systems that are out of your control. Unit tests rarely suffer from this problem when they are built correctly, and are isolated using test doubles (i.e. stubs and mocks). API and UI-driven tests can leverage a similar mechanism, using service virtualization and dynamic test environments to enable Continuous Testing.

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