Parasoft Previews New Automated Java Testing Tool

April 20, 1998

World's first automated Java tool gets a new interface

MONROVIA, CA. (April 20, 1998) - Parasoft, provider of quality software development tools, announced today the pre-release version of Jtest v1.1, the world's first bug-finding system for Java™ applications.

Jtest is unlike any other Java™ tool on the market. This revolutionary tool automatically finds and reports bugs in Java™ code, speeding up testing time while greatly increasing reliability. Using Jtest, Java™ developers can find out exactly where input is being mishandled in Java™ code. They can then fix the code to make it "invincible" to anything the end user throws at it.

The new Jtest v1.1 comes with a new user interface which is now the primary method for users to interact with the Jtest bug-finding system. The interface will benefit users because it will simplify interaction with Jtest. "The interface is basically an implementation of many of the good suggestions given to us by customers during the initial phases of Jtest release. We listen to our customers and we do our best to give them what they want," says Dr. Adam Kolawa, CEO of Parasoft.

The Jtest bug-finding system is evolving to meet the needs of the marketplace. Parasoft is highly responsive to the Java™ market and is dedicated to the production and enhancement of high-tech Java™ tools, like Jtest. "SPG Analyst Services research of development trends in Fortune 1000 companies indicates that the use of Java™ applets will more than double over the next two years. Self-automating testing and analysis tools like Jtest are imperative if leading edge developers are to overcome the relative youth of this language, and in these next two years, fulfill the Java™ promise," says Sandy Taylor, industry analyst for the Software Productivity Group.

The addition of the new interface to the Jtest bug-finding system should make the tool more accessible. Jtest is now even easier to set up and does not require knowledge of obscure Windows features. With the addition of an easy-to-use interface, this Java™ tool will expose more users to the Jtest technology. Jtest is usable to the most novice users, yet impresses the most advanced users.

Pricing and Availability

Jtest is available for the Windows 95/NT platforms. Purchases can be made by calling (888) 305-0041.

About Parasoft

Parasoft develops and markets advanced error detection tools for UNIX, Windows, and the emerging Java™ market. Parasoft's award-winning tools assist developers and managers in improving software quality, accelerating time to market, and reducing development costs. Parasoft's headquarters is located at 2031 S. Myrtle Ave., Monrovia, CA 91016. Telephone: (888) 305-0041. Fax: (626) 305-3036. Email: [email protected] WWW:


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