Parasoft Concerto Ties Agile Development and Management to Automated Defect Prevention, End-to-End QA Testing

September 20, 2010

Complete platform unites project & task management with a continuous quality process that reduces rework and debugging

MONROVIA, CA- September 20, 2010 - Parasoft Corporation, leading provider of automated solutions and infrastructure services that improve software quality and the development process, today announced Parasoft Concerto for Agile Development and Management.

Parasoft Concerto is a complete Software Development Management platform that ensures quality software can be produced consistently and efficiently–in any language. Designed to support Agile, Scrum, Extreme Programming, or Hybrid methodologies, it seamlessly integrates into any development environment and toolset.

"Parasoft Concerto for Agile ensures greater productivity and more predictable outcomes by extending flexible project & task management with a continuous quality process that spans across the entire SDLC," said Wayne Ariola, Parasoft’s VP of Strategy. "With the industry's broadest spectrum of integrated defect prevention and detection technologies, teams can objectively and accurately determine when functionality is truly done."

  • Developers build and validate code according to the team's agreed-upon expectations (for static code analysis, code review, unit testing, TDD, etc.). This improves velocity by reducing the amount and difficulty of downstream debugging–and by making code easier to evolve as business needs change.
  • QA rapidly constructs end-to-end tests that validate all critical aspects of complex transactions, which may extend through web interfaces, backend services, ESBs, databases, and everything in between. Parasoft covers functional testing, load testing, manual user acceptance testing, and service virtualization (application behavior virtualization).
  • The entire team gains unparalleled project visibility–with automated correlation between requirements, tasks, code, tests, and builds.

Concerto supports development quality practices (static analysis, unit testing, runtime error detection, code review) in C, C++, Java, and .NET. For QA, it provides end-to-end functional and load testing for distributed heterogeneous applications (Web, SOA, Cloud).

To learn more about Parasoft Concerto for Agile, visit About Parasoft For 21 years, Parasoft has investigated how and why software defects are introduced into applications. Our solutions leverage this research to dramatically improve SDLC productivity and application quality. Through an optimal combination of quality tools, configurable workflow, and automated infrastructure, Parasoft seamlessly integrates into your development environment to drive SDLC tasks to a predictable outcome. Whether you are delivering code, evolving and integrating business systems, or improving business processes–draw on our expertise and award-winning products to ensure that quality software. For more information visit:
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Erika Barron
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