Parasoft Delivers Free Version Of Insure++ To Linux Developers

May 17, 1999
New Lite Version of Automatic Error Detection Tool Now Available Exclusively on Red Hat 6.0 Linux Application CD
MONROVIA, CA. (May 17, 1999)- Parasoft, a leading provider of software error prevention and detection solutions, today announced a new, lite version of Insure++, the most thorough automatic runtime error detection tool. The lite version is available free of charge and exclusively on the Official Red Hat Linux 6.0 Application CD, distributed by Red Hat Software, Inc., the market leading Linux developer and support provider. With Linux gaining momentum as a development platform, Parasoft created a special lite version of Insure++ for distribution with Red Hat's Application CD.Current and future C/C++ developers on Linux can now benefit from Insure++'s capabilities, ultimately shortening the development cycle, lowering development costs, and delivering higher quality software applications through error detection. "Parasoft's continued support of Linux is very valuable to us," said Paul McNamara, Vice President of Business Development for Red Hat Software, Inc. " With quality development tools like Parasoft's Insure++, more and more developers will be able to take advantage of the benefits of developing on Linux." Insure++ is the most thorough automatic runtime error detection tool available for C/C++ software development. The new lite version for Red Hat Linux is a fully functional version of Insure++ configured specifically for the Linux operating system and including the features Linux developers need most. These features and functions include memory corruption, uninitialized variables, and memory leaks for maximum error detection in C/C++ software development. "For several years, Parasoft has recognized the power and popularity of the Linux movement and has provided tools like Insure++ for developers using Linux, " said Parasoft CEO, Dr. Adam Kolawa. "We are pleased to work with Red Hat to address the Linux community, and to deliver this new lite version exclusively for their Application CD." About Insure++ Insure++ is an automatic error detection tool for C/C++ that improves software quality, accelerates time to market, and reduces development costs. Insure++ operates at source code level and thoroughly seeks out errors in C/C++. Insure++ identifies compile-time, run time and algorithmic errors, including memory corruption, operations on uninitialized, NULL, or "wild" pointers, memory leaks, errors which allocate and free dynamic memory, operations on unrelated pointers and more. The full version of Insure++ includes two add-on modules. TCA is a total coverage analysis tool that keeps track of those parts of a program that have been tested and those that have not. Inuse graphically shows users how a program is allocating memory. Availability The lite version of Insure++ is available exclusively on the Red Hat Linux 6.0 Application CD. Insure++ is available on several Unix platforms, including AIX, DEC-Alpha, Sun/Solaris, SGI (32/64 bit), HP (9,10,11), and Linux. Insure++ is also available on Windows 95, 98 and NT. For more information, visit our website at About Parasoft Parasoft provides state-of-the-art software solutions for companies across industries, and the individuals whose work supports them, to help them improve productivity and reach their maximum potential. Parasoft products include error prevention and error detection solutions, advanced Web applications, and e-commerce solutions. Parasoft's headquarters is located at 2031 S. Myrtle Ave.,Monrovia, CA 91016. Telephone (888) 305-0041. Fax (626) 305-3036. Email: URL:
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Erika Barron
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