Parasoft Announces Updates to its Development Testing Solution

New Release of Development Testing Platform (DTP) and DTP Engines for C/C++, .NET, and Java Focuses on Understanding Change, Streamlining Developer Desktop Activities, and Improving Automotive Software Quality

Parasoft, the leading maker of software solutions that help organizations deliver defect-free software efficiently, announced today the latest release of Development Testing Platform (DTP) and DTP Engines for C/C++, .NET, and Java (C/C++test, dotTEST, and Jtest). Parasoft DTP consistently applies software quality practices across teams and throughout the SDLC, enabling your quality efforts to shift left–delivering a platform for automated defect prevention and the uniform measurement of risk. This release builds on Parasoft’s innovative approach to continuously improving software quality processes. DTP 5.3 and DTP Engines 10.3 include new features and enhancements that provide deeper visibility into the effects of incremental changes to the code, streamline software quality activities on the developer desktop, and reduce the risk associated with safety-critical software development.

Understanding Change

As organizations implement continuous software delivery platforms and incrementally introduce changes from build to build, conventional time-based reporting mechanisms limit the ability to accurately assess risk associated with the application under development. “Organizations need immediate visibility into changes in coverage, changes in test regressions, and the ability to quickly identify which tests need to be rerun as the release velocity accelerates,” said Mark Lambert, VP of Product Development. “The updates in this release help you understand these changes and identify any issues that need to be resolved in order to mitigate risk and accelerate delivery,” he added.

Unit Test Assistant: Better Desktop Experience for Developers

The shift to Agile has amplified the challenges associated with unit testing that threaten to erase the gains made by adopting iterative development approaches in the first place. Unit tests are brittle, difficult to maintain, and require a significant level of expertise to write. “Developers want to write code, not be burdened with more tools and processes that slow them down,” said Mark Lambert. “This release includes the first version of our Unit Test Assistant, which helps developers create meaningful, maintainable unit tests, through an easy-to-use interface.” The Unit Test Assistant, currently available for Java in Eclipse-based IDEs, improves the way tests are created and maintained.

Extended Support of Automotive Software Quality

Autonomous driving and unprecedented connectivity is blurring the line between comfort and safety-critical features in automotive software development. With this release, Parasoft continues its commitment to helping software engineers ensure that their code, as well as code from software supply chain vendors, meets automotive software standards. “We’ve updated Parasoft C/C++test, our development testing solution for C and C++ applications, with new static analysis rules that provide complete coverage for MISRA C:2012,” said Mark Lambert. C/C++test also includes enhanced support for Modern C++ standards (C++11, C++14, C++17), including dedicated static analysis rules and test configurations.

Other Key Features in this Release
  • Continuous Quality Assistant: CQA analyzes code as the developer performs actions, such as opening and saving files, prior to running a full analysis.
  • Updates and enhancements to interfaces, widgets, and the award-winning Process Intelligence Engine (PIE).
  • New Marketplace Extensions
  • Enhanced environment support, including Oracle 12c and MySQL 5.7.

About Parasoft

Parasoft provides innovative tools that automate time-consuming testing tasks and provide management with intelligent analytics necessary to focus on what matters. Parasoft’s technologies reduce the time, effort, and cost of delivering secure, reliable, and compliant software, by integrating static and runtime analysis; unit, functional, and API testing; and service virtualization. Parasoft supports software organizations as they develop and deploy applications in the embedded, enterprise, and IoT markets. With developer testing tools, manager reporting/analytics, and executive dashboarding, Parasoft enables organizations to succeed in today’s most strategic development initiatives — agile, continuous testing, DevOps, and security.

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