Parasoft Jtest 10.3.4

February 16, 2018

 In this release, we have added numerous enhancements, focusing our efforts on unit testing in the context of the following areas:

  • Unit Test Creation
  • Scaling Unit Tests
  • Usability

On the static analysis side of things, we've added support for the newest OWASP guidelines (2017), along with standard bugs and improvements there. We also improved performance and expanded platform support. Read more on the blog to learn more about these enhancements and how to benefit from them!

About Parasoft

Parasoft provides innovative tools that automate time-consuming testing tasks and provide management with intelligent analytics necessary to focus on what matters. Parasoft’s technologies reduce the time, effort, and cost of delivering secure, reliable, and compliant software, by integrating static and runtime analysis; unit, functional, and API testing; and service virtualization. Parasoft supports software organizations as they develop and deploy applications in the embedded, enterprise, and IoT markets. With developer testing tools, manager reporting/analytics, and executive dashboarding, Parasoft enables organizations to succeed in today’s most strategic development initiatives — agile, continuous testing, DevOps, and security.


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