Parasoft Releases C and C++ Software Testing Solution

July 29, 2004

Parasoft C and C++ Software Testing Solution Helps Prevent Errors Unique to Game Development

MONROVIA, CA (July 29, 2004) – Parasoft, a leading provider of Automated Error Prevention (AEP) software solutions, announced today the release of Parasoft® C++test®, a C/C++ unit testing and coding standard analysis product, designed for game developers. The extension of Parasoft’s error prevention software into this market will help gaming developers produce reliable software in record time.

To help prevent errors unique to game development, C++test now offers specific rules for avoiding pitfalls with OpenGL and DirectX development. Moreover, with C++test's RuleWizard, developers can create and manage custom rule sets tailored to achieve their code quality objectives. These custom rules can be automatically checked along with over 500 configurable C/C++ rules that are provided standard with the product.

"We recognize how important OpenGL and DirectX development is to game developers and we want to help them prevent the most common and the most serious coding errors," said Wayne Ariola, Vice President of Corporate Development for Parasoft. "With C++ Test, teams can prevent software errors and ensure that code is correct, reliable, and maintainable."

C++test also helps game developers by:

  • Verifying whether code intended for embedded devices complies with embedded development error-prevention guidelines, as well as facilitating the unit testing of code running on any target system.
  • Providing real-time coverage information for all unit tests to help development teams monitor the current test suite's effectiveness and achieve the most thorough testing possible.
  • Standardizing and managing error prevention across a team so these practices can be performed as shared behavior.
  • Providing management visibility into code quality, test scope, project readiness, and team productivity.

C+ + Test is available for Windows NT/2000/XP, Linux (Kernel 2.4 with System V IPC), glibc 2.2, Pentium Processor, Solaris 7, 8, 9, UltraSPARC processor.

About C++ Test
Parasoft C++test is an Automated Error Prevention product that automates C and C++ unit testing and coding standard analysis to help prevent software errors and ensure that code is structurally sound, reliable, maintainable, and portable. C++test analyzes C functions or C++ classes, then generates and executes a test harness, test cases, and stubs designed to verify the code under test. Users can add and customize test cases and stubs through user-friendly GUI controls, and view coverage details for all automatically-generated and user-defined test cases. C++test also checks whether code follows 500+ coding standard rules plus any number of custom rules.

In addition, C++test can standardize and manage C/C++ error prevention across a team and support the Parasoft AEP Methodology, a new methodology for improving software quality and reliability in a team environment. Implementing C++test as part of a team-wide AEP solution is a critical step in improving software quality and streamlining a team’s software development process.

About Parasoft
Parasoft is the leading provider of innovative solutions that automatically identify and prevent software errors from reoccurring in the development and QA process. Developed with Automated Error Prevention (AEP) methodologies, its award-winning, patented solutions enable software development organizations to reduce delivery delays and improve the quality, security and predictability of enterprise applications. Parasoft has more than 10,000 clients worldwide, including Bank of America, Boeing, Cisco, Disney, HP, IBM, Lehman Brothers and SBC. Founded in 1987, Parasoft is headquartered in Monrovia, CA. For more information visit:

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