Parasoft Sweetens International PI Day with Process Intelligence Engine (PIE) Updates

March 14, 2016

Parasoft introduces new "PIE slices" that assist organizations to identify and rapidly remediate business risks in a software release candidate

Monrovia, CA—In recognition of International Pi Day, Parasoft announced today updates to its award-winning Process Intelligence Engine (PIE), the first and only technology that enables organizations to understand the intersection of technical and business risk, while highlighting opportunities for improving the software development process. As the brain of Parasoft Development Testing Platform (DTP), PIE enables organizations to quickly find and remediate application hotspots according to defined business priorities.

First released in 2013, PIE analyzes data collected from disparate parts of the software development infrastructure, prioritizes findings, and delivers intelligent, actionable tasks that allows you to mitigate the risks associated with the software release candidate. This update includes the release of new intelligent logic-flows, called “PIE slices,” that leverage PIE’s unique post process analysis to quickly deliver actionable information to both managers and developers.

“If you’re relying on a dashboard to determine the technical issues and business risk associated with a build you’re too late,” said Mark Lambert, VP of Product Management at Parasoft. “Lean and iterative methodologies require quality processes to keep pace with the development activities, but organizations are forced to slow down in order to interpret static reports and dashboards. PIE solves this problem by delivering intelligent, actionable, and prioritized analytics directly to the developer’s IDE, enabling them to immediately address issues without interrupting their workflow.”

The new PIE slices, which are now available in the Parasoft Marketplace, not only help you automatically identify the business risk buried deep in the code, they also promote efficient and rapid remediation.

You can learn more about Parasoft PIE at the PI Day webinar on Monday, Mar 14, 2016, at 11:00 a.m. PDT. During the webinar, we will discuss the recent updates—including features and functions that enable you to:

  • Automatically identify business risks in the code
  • Correlate and analyzing data collected from numerous SDLC practices and systems
  • Test only the code that’s changed
  • Update only the tests that touch changed code

Visit the webinar registration page for details.

Five webinar attendees will also win a Raspberry Pi 3. Winners will be announced during the webinar.

Visit for more information about Parasoft Process Intelligence Engine.

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