Parasoft Releases Newest Version Of Automatic Runtime Error Detection Tool For Unix, Insure++ v5.1

September 20, 1999
Automatic Error Detection Tool Provides Customizable Error Detection Capabilities

MONROVIA, CA (September 20, 1999)- Parasoft, leading provider of software error prevention and error detection solutions, announced today the release of Insure++ v5.1 for Unix, their automatic runtime error detection tool. Insure++ offers developers the most thorough and advanced means for detecting errors in C/C++. Developers and development groups on a variety of Unix and Windows platforms have found Insure++ to be the most thorough tool for automatically detecting large classes of programming and runtime errors. The newest version provides increased benefits because of its ability to handle applications of all sizes. "Insure++ is an indispensable tool for my development," said Chee Cheng, Senior Systems Analyst at the Chicago Tribune. "It automatically finds all the otherwise hard-to-find bugs and memory leaks during compilation and runtime. I won't deliver programs to customers unless I first check them with Insure++." Insure++ uses patented Source Code Instrumentation technology (# 5,581,696) and Mutation Testing technologies to find errors quickly and precisely. It also uses patented Runtime Pointer Tracking technology (# 5,842,019) to automatically direct developers to the exact line of code where they last lost reference to their pointer. The newest version includes three different levels of error detection. Developers can choose from Lite, Minimal, and Source Code Instrumentation depending on what their needs are. This allows for greater scalability with the project at hand and gives developers the convenience of uncovering errors early in the development process. When users want to perform a fast check on the initial run through an application, or do not have access to the source code, they can run Insure++ in Lite mode. This is especially useful when developers need faster runtime error detection throughout development. Minimal Instrumentation is more thorough than Lite mode and results in significantly faster run times than full Source Code Instrumentation. Developers can use Minimal Instrumentation for daily testing of a project and use full Source Code Instrumentation to zero in on a specific class or directory to find even more errors as time permits. The flexibility yielded by Minimal Instrumentation is particularly helpful for large projects when resources are limited. "This new version will be even more helpful to developers than previous versions," said Dr. Adam Kolawa, Parasoft CEO. "Developers can take advantage of Insure++'s added scalability and use it for all different sizes of projects throughout the entire development cycle." Availability: Insure++ is available on Linux, DEC Alpha, IBM RS/6000 (AIX 4.x), HP (HP UX 10 & 11), SGI (IRIX 5.x & 6.x), Sun/Sparc, as well as Windows. For more information, contact Parasoft at (888) 305-0041 or About Parasoft: Parasoft Corporation develops and markets advanced error prevention and error detection tools for UNIX, Windows and Internet development environments. Parasoft's award-winning products and patented technologies assist developers and managers in improving software quality, accelerating time to market and reducing development costs. Parasoft's headquarters is located at 2031 S. Myrtle Ave., Monrovia, CA 91016. Telephone (888) 305-0041. Fax (626) 305-3036. Email to: URL:
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Erika Barron
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