New Release of Runtime Error Detection Tool for UNIX

June 08, 1998

Faster and Better Debugging and Testing for Development on UNIX

MONROVIA, CA. (June 8, 1998)- Parasoft Corporation, provider of Total Quality Software development tools, announced today the newest release of its automated runtime error detection tool , Insure++ v4.1, for the UNIX development environment. "The enhancements in Insure++ v4.1 are part of our consistent effort to help companies streamline their development process. With the release of Insure++ 4.1, software developers and testers can improve work efficiency and produce better quality code," says Dr. Adam Kolawa, CEO of Parasoft.

With this release, Insure++ upholds its reputation for reducing debugging time without compromising accuracy. Rob Flanegin, Vice President of Technology Services at Talus Solutions Inc. has long been impressed by Insure++, saying, "Insure++ is used by Talus worldwide because it best suits our error detection needs. It finds more bugs than any other program, keeps time looking for bugs to a minimum and takes the frustration associated with debugging out of the process."

Jim Nance, software engineer for Avant! Corporation and contributing writer for the Linux Journal agrees, saying, "I think Insure++ is a great product. It finds programming errors better than any other product I have used. If you develop software for a living, you need this product. In fact, anyone who is in an environment where programming time is money should consider evaluating Insure++. It is an excellent product."

New Features in Insure++ v4.1

Version 4.1 contains new features that heighten developer efficiency and enhance Insure++'s position as the most accurate debugging solution available. New enhancements to this wildly popular tool include:

  • A faster and better parser, including full egcs 2.8.0/g++ 2.8.0 support and accelerated runtime.
  • More UNIX platforms supported including AIX 4.3 and Digital Unix 4.0d (Alpha4).
  • Increased and improved functionality for its report analyzer GUI, Insra, including a more convenient suppression window for "turning off" unwanted error messages. New "suppression" features include suppressions across different view modes, automatic duplicate error suppression for CodeWizard, ability to add comments to suppression commands, etc.
  • "AutoReports" option for INUSE, which lets developers automatically view how their program handles dynamic memory at runtime. With the "AutoReports" option, developers can now instantly see leaks, bottlenecks, and other memory-related problems.
  • New customization options.

About Insure++

Insure++ provides C/C++ developers with the most thorough automatic runtime error detection available. Insure++ uses state-of-the-art "Mutation Testing" technology to discover ambiguities in code that can not be detected by any other development tool. Insure++ dramatically reduces the time and frustration of debugging, traditionally the most time-consuming phase of software development.

Add-ons to Insure++ include TCA and INUSE. TCA is a coverage analysis tool which lets developers and testers see how much code was actually tested by Insure++. Using Insure++ and TCA can help developers and testers create more effective test suites, resulting in more bugs found before software is released to customers. INUSE is a dynamic memory "visualization" tool which lets developers "see" how their program handles dynamic memory in real-time. Using INUSE, developers can quickly spot memory leaks, memory blowout, performance bottlenecks, and other problems which are easily missed using conventional debugging methods.

Pricing and Availability

Special bundling packages are available for Insure++ for UNIX which include add-on tools INUSE and TCA, as well as Parasoft's separately available source code analysis tool, CodeWizard. Purchases can be made by calling (888) 305-0041.

About Parasoft

Parasoft Corporation develops and markets advanced error detection tools for UNIX, Windows, and the emerging Java™ market. Parasoft's award-winning tools assist developers and managers in improving software quality, accelerating time to market, and reducing development costs. Parasoft' s headquarters is located at 2031 S. Myrtle Ave., Monrovia, CA 91016. Telephone: (888) 305-0041. Fax: (626) 305-3036. Email: WWW:


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