Parasoft Announces CodeWizard v.1.5 Static Analysis Tool for C++

July 28, 1997

Parasoft static analysis tool for C++ saves developers the endless amounts of time, effort and money spent in debugging by preventing software defects from entering the code in the first place

MONROVIA, CA. (July 28, 1997) - Parasoft today announced the release of CodeWizard v1.5, a C++ static code analysis tool that saves developers the endless amounts of time, effort and money spent in debugging by preventing software defects from entering the code in the first place.

Using CodeWizard is comparable to practicing preventative medicine. Preventative medicine cannot guarantee that you will never get sick but it can decrease your chances of developing cancer. Likewise, CodeWizard static analysis cannot guarantee that you will always have bug-free code, but it will surely lessen your chances of producing problem code that will cost you time, money, and frustration later on. By using CodeWizard static analysis consistently everyday, you can significantly decrease the chances of errors ever entering your code while improving overall code quality and design.

Using Parasoft's Source Code Analysis technology, CodeWizard parses source code and automatically alerts the developer whenever an error occurs. This patent-pending technology also allows CodeWizard to look at code and judge its quality and adherence to coding standards without a programmer watching over it. "CodeWizard requires minimal effort to use and the benefits are outstanding. Remember, development tools are supposed to make the developer's jobs easier, not more difficult," says Dr. Adam Kolawa, CEO of Parasoft.

CodeWizard supports rules outlined by Scott Meyers, noted programming expert and author of "Effective C++" and "More Effective C++". Rules from these books are well-known and already part of the corporate coding standards for many software organizations. CodeWizard enforces Meyers' rules automatically. In addition, Parasoft's experts can implement a corporation's own custom rules in addition to those by Meyers, creating a customized version of CodeWizard to fit special programming requirements.

New enhancements

Tightly integrated with the latest Microsoft Developer's Studio, CodeWizard v.1.5 now supports 33 rules from Meyers' Effective C++collection as well as two rules by Martin-Klaus which appeared in the February 1997 issue of Dr. Dobb's Journal. The following is a list of the new rules which CodeWizard supports:

  • Differentiate among member functions, global functions, and friend functions.
  • Pass and return objects by reference instead of by value.
  • Don't try to return a reference when you must return an object.
  • Prefer C++ style casts.
  • Be wary of user-defined conversion functions.
  • Distinguish between prefix and postfix forms of increment and decrement operators.
  • Do not overload &&, ||, or, .
  • Consider using op= instead of stand-alone op.
  • Understand the costs of virtual functions, multiple inheritance, virtual base classes, and RTTI.
  • Limit the number of objects of a class.
  • Avoid calling virtual functions from constructors and destructors. (Martin-Klaus)
  • Avoid using "..." in function parameter lists. (Martin-Klauss)

"With the new items, including rules from "More Effective C++", CodeWizard v1.5 extends its lead as the most comprehensive C++ source code analysis tool, "says Michael Aivazis, Director of Technology for CodeWizard.


CodeWizard v1.5 is available now for Windows NT and Windows 95. Special discounts are available for orders made through Parasoft's automated ordering system and for existing customers who want to upgrade to the new version. CodeWizard v1.5 can be obtained via the Parasoft web site (

About Parasoft

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