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Parasoft Selenic

Optimize Selenium Testing With Artificial Intelligence

Selenium tests are often unstable and difficult to maintain. Parasoft Selenic fixes common Selenium problems within your existing projects and with no vendor lock.

New release: Version 2022.2 is now available!

Streamline Selenium Testing With Parasoft Selenic

When your team is using Selenium to develop and test the UI for your software applications, you need confidence that your testing process is identifying real issues, creating meaningful and appropriate tests, and reducing test maintenance. While Selenium offers many benefits, you want to get more out of your UI testing while leveraging your current practice. Find the real UI issues and get quick feedback on test execution so you can deliver better software faster with Parasoft Selenic.

Improve your existing library of Selenium web UI tests, or quickly create new ones, with a flexible Selenium companion that integrates seamlessly with your Agile DevOps environment. Parasoft Selenic fixes common Selenium problems with AI-powered self-healing to minimize runtime failures, test impact analysis to dramatically reduce test execution time, and the ability to record new scenarios using a Chrome extension to create Page Object Model Selenium code.

Keep Using Selenium

Whether you use JUnit, TestNG, or Cucumber, you don’t need to abandon, recreate, or migrate your existing Selenium projects to improve web UI testing. Seamlessly integrate Parasoft Selenic with your Selenium-based framework for immediate testing improvements.

Focus on Regressions Instead of Test Maintenance

AI-powered recommendations tell you exactly what’s wrong and how to fix it, making it quicker to update and maintain your Selenium tests. Integrate self-healing into your CI/CD pipeline to reduce the noise from unstable tests.

Reduce the Effort to Create Reliable Selenium Tests

Reduce the learning curve and get a jumpstart on creating maintainable Selenium tests. Capture UI recordings with application-specific locators and assertions and create pure Java tests using the Page Object Model. Decrease test creation time by 30% over other methods.

Parasoft Selenic Capabilities

Address Test Execution Issues

Parasoft Selenic applies AI heuristics to determine if failures are due to a real regression in the application. Run your Selenium tests in sequence or in parallel with confidence, knowing that Parasoft Selenic's self-healing capability with enhanced locator and wait condition strategies will detect unstable tests, modify them on the fly during execution, and show you how it kept them running.

Use AI to Detect and Help Fix Broken Tests

Parasoft Selenic not only highlights test execution issues, it also provides recommendations for code fixes. Locator recommendations can be imported directly into the integrated development environment for one-click test updates that ensure successful testing in the future. Focus on real issues instead of wasting cycles on failed test runs.

Test Only the Changes

Instead of having to execute thousands of time-consuming tests before you know the quality of a build, Selenic optimizes your Selenium test suite to execute only the tests required to validate code changes between builds. More efficient testing delivers faster feedback.

Create More Accurate Selenium Tests

Parasoft Selenic's Recorder enables you to capture UI actions within the Chrome browser. The Recorder also defines locators with elements specific to Salesforce, Guidewire, and other enterprise applications. After the capture, use the recording to create easily maintainable pure Java-based Selenium tests with assertions, built using the Page Object Model for maximum maintainability.

Deliver Insights From Selenium Test Results

Integrated smart analytics aggregate the test results and associate your Selenium tests with requirements and code coverage for complete traceability. Benchmark the performance of your Selenium tests and generate early warnings for out-of-range results in your applications so you can avoid surprises just before release.

How Does Parasoft Selenic Help?

Development Managers

Stick to production schedules with no late-cycle defects crippling release timetables. Get more out of test automation with a Selenium testing tool that reduces risk and increases stability of existing projects.


Know where the real issues are. The results from unstable tests complicate diagnosis. Selenic self-healing cuts noise so you can focus on fixing only true test failures right within your development environment.

QA Testers

Get quick feedback on test execution so you can be more strategic about test deployment. Improve stability of web UI testing for increased productivity and greater peace of mind.