Parasoft C/C++test User Testimonials

Schaeffler Technologies AG

C/ C++test has become the basis for safety oriented SW development at Schaeffler Technologies AG and has been facilitating efficient development and maintenance in times of ever increasing scope and complexity.”

Thierry Badeuil, Thalès Communications

"For our client, the RATP, we are working on the automation of line 13 of the Paris metro. This will allow an increase in train frequency on this saturated line. We produce software which, thanks to three systems of redundant sensors installed on the train, will enable real-time transmission of all train information to the line's central control station of the line.

Since it involves transport of persons, our software must comply with SIL level 4 - the highest level. This is the primary reason that we have chosen Parasoft C/C++test, which is also SIL level 4 certified, to test our software. Another key competitive differentiator is that C/C++test is extremely simple to use: setup is very fast, and it produces test reports of high quality.

Thanks to C/C++test, we have detected and corrected several defects. Within Thalès Communications, we have decided to use this tool in other projects where performance in the field of static code analysis is precious to us."

Division Engineering Manager, Eaton

"One of our safety-critical products was experiencing a highly intermittent bug that manifested itself under only a very specific combination of inputs. Once it hit the condition, it would overflow the stack and halt the processor. Thanks to our recovery mechanism, the system would resume normal operation about 50ms after halting. Our only clue that something was wrong was that the system would return to the initial state briefly before resuming work. Over the course of several months, we tried several methods to identify the issue. Finally, we came across the stack overrun and its cause: the recursive call loop. Once we root-caused it, the fix was a one-line change which took less than five minutes.

I won’t detail the exact amount of engineering time we put into addressing this problem, but by my calculations, we spent thousands of dollars' worth of effort to find the source of the problem. If we’d had Parasoft during this time, we would have identified the issue quickly and easily without the need for a long root-cause process."

Matt Klaustermeier, Director of Software Engineering, Stauder Technologies

“Parasoft C++test has become an integral part of our development process. It allows us to unit test our software in way that would otherwise be extremely difficult to do. It enables us to assure the accuracy and reliability of our applications.”

Martin Brodeur, Senior Software Developer, Adacel Inc.

"Based on my experience with the Beta version, I am very impressed with the new capabilities and overall feel of the new C++test product. This new version offers a number of important additions and improvements.”

Scott Lushbough, Software Engineer, InterDigital

"As part of our corporate quality initiative, we deployed Parasoft C++test to improve the readability, maintainability and reliability of our software. The full IDE integration makes all the features easy to access on the desktop."

Samsung Electronics Mobile Project SW Center

”By deploying C++test as the coding standard analysis tool, Mobile solution project in the SW Center of Samsung Electronics have decreased the amount of coding violations by 80%; a significant improvement on their development/testing process.”

Joel Calderon, Software Design Supervisor, NEC Telecom Software Philippines

“Parasoft C++test has made it easy to transfer knowledge to new people, reducing the negative impact when experienced developers leave and new ones come in to replace them. It’s easier to teach new people how to merely use the software rather than the concepts of QA and all the things that they need to know in order to adhere to those internal quality initiatives, such as code review, scope, and range of testing. Automation makes it a lot easier for us…. Parasoft C++test enhances the quality of our products and the quality of our lives.”

Jim Spielbauer, Development Engineer, Trane

“Parasoft provides a quality development solution that our entire team can grow with and experience continuous improvement. Parasoft's solution is teaching us all to be better programmers. It helps us find errors that we didn't even realize were errors. Parasoft's solution has saved the Global Modeling and Analysis team both time and resources that we would have otherwise spent finding and fixing defects. Instead, we get to spend that time adding new features and functionality.””

Vidya Kabra, Software Engineering Tools Group Head, Wipro

"We have automated and standardized our best practices for providing customers the highest quality code. We have dramatically improved the productivity of our testing efforts and this helps strengthen our position as a global provider of IT solutions."

Gary Malfa, Software Engineer, Bovie Medical

"[Parasoft C++test and .TEST] teach our development team better coding habits so that we can make our source code more fault-tolerant; more robust. I'm not talking about obvious bugs that software developers can find without automated testing tools; I'm talking about difficult-to-find logic issues that can take many hours of manual unit and integration testing to discover.… We are able to get our product to market approximately 6 months sooner with Parasoft solutions than we could have if we had gone back to the testing vendor.”

Robert Luppold, President, Luppold & Associates, Inc.

"With minimal effort on my part I can come up to speed on C++test very fast after a few months of not using it. All of Parasoft's C development tools are extremely easy to use. The user manuals are quite informative, and the graphical user interface provides an intuitive mechanism for retrieving pertinent debugging information."

Julie Craig, EMA

"Bad code costs money, and comes back to haunt support and development teams. Parasoft is an automated, non-invasive solution that scans under-development applications for syntax and coding errors before they become production problems. This alerts developers to coding problems and gives managers the reports they need to set strategic goals. Parasoft can provide significant value to software development organizations."