Parasoft Embedded Development

Parasoft Development Testing Platform seamlessly integrates into any embedded development environment and automates continuous software quality activities such as Static Analysis, Unit Testing, On Target Testing, Coverage Analysis, Peer Review or Runtime Error Detection. It offers full capability and traceability to comply with Automotive (ISO 26262 & MISRA), Medical (FDA & IEC 62304), Aerospace & Defense (DO 178B/C) Standards, providing software engineers with rich centralized data from diverse infrastructure components.

Parasoft Development Testing Platform (DTP) for embedded systems enables teams to produce better code, test it more efficiently, and consistently monitor progress toward their quality goals. DTP automates quality practices—such as static analysis, peer review, runtime error detection, unit testing, and coverage analysis—to prevent defects. As a result, software engineering teams can increase productivity while dedicating resources to tasks that truly require human intelligence. DTP facilitates more accurate test results, increases visibility into development processes, and helps reduce support costs by uncovering problems that might otherwise only surface during “real-world” usage.

DTP for embedded systems automates the complete test execution flow—test case generation, cross-compilation, and execution—and loads results (including coverage metrics) back into the GUI. You can drive testing interactively from the GUI or from the command line for automated test execution. Users can run tests individually or in selected groups for easy debugging and validation.

For safety-critical applications, such as avionics, medical, automotive, and transportation, Parasoft enables bidirectional traceability to meet compliance requirements. Development artifacts are collected, correlated, and put into a workflow that enables development managers and auditors to trace code to the author, requirement, reviewer, defect, etc. This provides complete visibility into the development process and eases compliance efforts for FDA, DO-178, IEC 61508 and more.

For more information on defect prevention for Embedded Software, download this VDC Report on Embedded Software Quality.