STARWEST 2016 Presentation: How Alaska Airlines Solved Their Software Testing Dilemma with Parasoft Service Virtualization

In this presentation, Ryan Papineau, Automated Test Engineer at Alaska Airlines, discusses the technologies and practices his organization put in place in order to solve their testing dilemmas.

Software Testing Challenges

Several challenges had prevented Alaska Airlines from their applications completely, including:
  • Constrained access to a stable, realistic test environment
  • Inconsistent test data
  • Inconsistent access to dependencies and third-party services
  • Lack of resources to trigger events for exercising tests
  • Varied message exchange patterns between services and events

Software Testing Solutions

Alaska Airlines deployed Parasoft Service Virtualization solution to not only help testers overcome some of the traditional barriers to testing, but also enable data modeling techniques specific to their software infrastructure. AA is able to simulate people processes and events specific to their industry, such as the gate agent checking people in and closing the door on the aircraft. This presentation discusses the challenges and solutions in greater detail.

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