Complement Microsoft tooling with deep static analysis, security, and coverage for .NET
New releases of Parasoft Jtest & Parasoft dotTEST 10.4.2
Parasoft released the latest versions of its industry-leading Java and .NET development testing tools today, and they are filled with great new features to enable and enforce security an
You need more than unit testing: Moving the needle on automation of Microsoft .NET testing
Build a comprehensive testing strategy for your .NET application with Parasoft dotTEST.
Static Analysis for .NET
Parasoft dotTEST is fully integrated inside Visual Studio, going beyond the analysis provided by Mircosoft, with over 450 rules covering coding best practices and preventing security vulnerabilities. 
Build Security Into Your .NET Application
The latest release of dotTEST (10.4.1) introduced significant enhancements to help development organizations deliver secure and reliable .NET applications.