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Introducing Parasoft Service Virtualization for Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft Azure

Create and access complete test environments for continuous testing–anytime, anywhere.

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Creating Virtual Services in Microsoft Azure

Learn how to create Parasoft Virtual Assets (PVA) in Azure

Parasoft Tasks in VSTS

Learn how to use Parasoft's tasks in Visual Studio Team Services.

Service Virtualization in 60 Seconds

Learn how to virtualize a service for testing in 60 seconds.

Parasoft Resources

Service Virtualization Resources for Microsoft Environments

Our technical resources will guide you through setting up and running Service Virtualization in Microsoft environments.

Getting Started Part 1: Overview
Start here for an introduction to the architecture and components accessible via the Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Visual Studio marketplaces.
Getting Started Part 2: Using Parasoft in VSTS
Learn how to use the Parasoft Deploy and Destroy release tasks in VSTS. These tasks facilitate the creation of a complete test environment for continuous testing.
Getting Started Part 3: Creating Your Own Virtual Assets
Learn how to create a virtual service (PVA), which allow simulation of the AUT's dependencies. This facilitates an always-available environment for testing.
Dell Customer Case Study
Learn about how a major computer hardware vendor deployed Parasoft Service Virtualization within their Microsoft Azure and VSTS environment.
The ABCs of Service Virtualization
Learn Service Virtualization essentials: What is Service Virtualization and how does it impact Access, Behavior, Cost, and Speed (the ABCs).
Service Virtualization for Microsoft Environments: Technical Paper
Learn how the combination of Microsoft Azure, Microsoft VSTS, and Parasoft Service Virtualization—operating natively within the Microsoft environment—enables organizations rapidly deploy a complete test environment on demand for Continuous Testing.