Professional Services

Reduce Operational Expenses with Expert Resources

  • Parasoft offers a variety of training services to fully integrate your automated defect prevention solution into your organization’s workflow.
  • Choose from online, onsite or premium packages to find the training and support level that’s right for your organization.

Online Education

Onsite Training

  • Complete real-world exercises based on topics scoped to your requirements
  • Hands-on, classroom-based training
  • Tailored to your organization’s needs

Premium Support And Mentoring Services

  • Develop a team of experts with specialized and dedicated mentoring resources
  • Meet critical business objectives or milestones with an assigned Parasoft Product Specialist
  • Access to the Premium Support Portal ensures critical business success
  • Prioritized support cases

Certification Programs

Recommended for small groups of individuals who will become the go-to people in your Parasoft center of excellence.
  • Begin real work as you create your own team of internal experts
  • Onsite project baseline and kickoff
  • Onsite training and remote mentoring
  • Certification of assigned resources by Parasoft Product Expert(s)

Additional Services

  • Infrastructure integration (e.g. source control, test management, defect tracking, requirements management)
  • Remote monitoring and test infrastructure maintenance
  • Staff augmentation services for testing and virtual asset creation
  • Tool verification for regulatory compliance, such as FDA, DO-178B/C, ISO 26262, etc.
  • Assistance leveraging public APIs to extend Parasoft technologies