Service Virtualization

Continuous Testing for DevOps: Evolving Beyond Automation
Continuous testing's real-time objective assessment of an application's business risks is a critical component of DevOps.
End-to-End Testing for IoT Integrity
In this paper, we discuss a multi-stage strategy for ensuring IoT integrity.
How to Adopt and Scale Service Virtualization
This paper will guide you to the best starting point for your team and the right deployment model for your needs, so you can quickly get started creating virtual assets.
How to Choose the Right Service Virtualization Solution for Your Organization
Read this guide to learn about the key features and capabilities needed for your successful enterprise deployment and adoption of service virtualization.
On-Demand Test Environments for Development and QA
Learn how to create "disposable" test environments, that don't impact or bring added cost to your organization.
Service-Based Testing of IoT Devices
To truly advance the quality of IoT software development, we need a service-based perspective and orientation.
Customer Success Stories
Financial Organization Case Study

Parasoft’s service virtualization solution enables the organization to onboard partners more efficiently—and without impeding
their internal dev/test operations.

Customer Success Stories
KPN Eliminates External Constraints for Efficient Testing

Parasoft Virtualize helps KPN accelerate delivery cycles and improve software quality.

Customer Success Stories
Verifying Middleware Interactions with SAP

A use case in service virtualization and API test case automation

Press Mentions

July 5, 2018

Selecting the Right Service Virtualization Tool

Press Mentions
Embedded Computing Design

March 17, 2017

Embedded World 2017: Parasoft Brings Service Virtualization to IoT Test

Analyst Research
voke Market Mover Array Report: Service Virtualization
The state of service virtualization. Parasoft is recognized as the transformational leader in the industry.
Analyst Research
voke Names Parasoft Leading Service Virtualization Innovator
Get the voke Research: Lifecycle Virtualization Market Mover Array.
Analyst Research
voke Solution Snapshot Report: Parasoft Virtualize
Parasoft Virtualize helps organizations achieve the ultimate goal of staying on schedule and budget while producing a high degree of quality.
Continuous Testing for Applications
With the increasing complexity of today's connected applications, software is more and more difficult to test. Leverage automated testing techniques such as service virtualization and API testing to keep your application's complex components under control.
Continuous Testing: Why is it Important?
Watch as Bas Dijkstra, consultant at On Test Automation, explains how to use continuous testing to keep pace with modern application delivery.
Creating a Virtual Service
Learn how to create new virtual assets and new responders in Parasoft Virtualize
Getting Started with Parasoft Virtualize Community Edition – FREE
This video guides you through the first steps to getting started with Parasoft Virtualize’s free Community Edition.