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Parasoft Unveils Runtime Memory Analysis to Increase Team Productivity and C and C++ Software Quality

Parasoft launches a webinar series to help C and C++ software development teams enhance productivity by integrating vital automated analyses

MONROVIA, CA (February 3, 2010) Parasoft Corporation, leading provider of automated solutions that improve software quality and the development process, today announced the new release of Parasoft C/C++test, an integrated solution for automating a broad range of best practices proven to increase software development team productivity and software quality for C and C++. In this new release, Parasoft significantly expands the scope of C/C++test with the introduction of integrated runtime memory analysis that is suitable for both enterprise and embedded development.

“Software verification techniques such as static code analysis, runtime memory analysis, unit testing, and data flow analysis can each prevent and detect specific types of defects,” stated Wayne Ariola of Parasoft Corporation. “Now, with the latest release of C/C++test, development teams can apply all of these complementary techniques in concert. This integrated approach dramatically reduces the risk of going to market with the defects and security vulnerabilities that commonly evade traditional fragmented testing efforts.”

New Capabilities for Reducing the Risks of C and C++ Software Development

  • Runtime memory analysis enables teams to automatically identify serious runtime defects—such as memory leaks, null pointers, uninitialized memory, and buffer overflows—during execution. It operates at both the unit level and application level. Since the instrumentation used for this analysis is lightweight, it can be run on the target board, simulator, or host for embedded testing.
  • Parasoft Concerto Task Assistant brings change-based testing and automated task management directly to the developers’ familiar work environment. Parasoft Concerto interacts seamlessly with Visual Studio and Eclipse-based IDEs to distribute, manage, and monitor each team member’s assigned tasks. Moreover, the correlation of requirements, tasks, test cases, and artifacts not only establishes a flawless audit trail, but also provides the base correlations for change impact analysis.
  • Extended environment and compiler support for ARM, Keil, IAR, Texas Instruments, QNX, and Eclipse 3.5 enables more developers to use Parasoft C/C++test as a seamless part of their development process.

To learn more about Parasoft C/C++ Solution, see

C and C++ Webinar Series

An upcoming Parasoft C and C++ webinar series is designed to help C and C++ development teams reduce the time, effort, and cost of testing applications through integrated, automated analysis and testing. This webinar series will kick off with a two-part program, beginning next week, with the following:

About Parasoft
For 21 years, Parasoft has investigated how and why software defects are introduced into applications. Our solutions leverage this research to dramatically improve SDLC productivity and application quality. Through an optimal combination of quality tools, configurable workflow, and automated infrastructure, Parasoft seamlessly integrates into your development environment to drive SDLC tasks to a predictable outcome. Whether you are delivering code, evolving and integrating business systems, or improving business processes—draw on our expertise and award-winning products to ensure that quality software. For more information visit:

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