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Parasoft Virtualize

Test Your Entire Application With Service Virtualization

During software testing you are often constrained by limited access to real data and live services in your test environment. The Parasoft service virtualization tool lets you create virtual equivalents that behave just like the real thing.

Test Your Entire Application With Parasoft Virtualize

Create Realistic Simulations

Confidently build environments that behave — and fail — like the real thing. Simulate services, model test data, and stabilize dependencies by capturing live system behavior in a virtualized service environment.

Test Every Service

Implement a virtual service to cover practically every situation. Build reliable and predictable service simulations with broad support for over 120 message formats and protocols in the industry, with no scripting required.

Verify Services With the Right Data

You need appropriate data to verify that the virtual services are behaving as expected, but using sensitive data is out of the question. Service virtualization tools extract the applicable data and mask it for sanitized use in the test environment.

Parasoft Virtualize Capabilities

Go beyond basic mocking and stubbing to create a more robust simulation for APIs and services. Deploy a “digital twin” of your test environment to use as a sandbox for partner development or as a virtual endpoint for internal testing.

Parasoft's service virtualization tool, Parasoft Virtualize, enables testers and developers to simulate services or data when access is limited or unreliable. The tools provide results that can be easily integrated with other testing teams and visualized for faster failure detection and debugging with an intuitive codeless interface.

How Does Parasoft Virtualize Help?

Development Managers

Accelerate your delivery without acquiring additional hardware for testing needs. Use virtual test environments and sandboxes to enable the team to test anytime and anywhere.


Eliminate wasted cycles waiting for services that are unstable or unavailable. Leverage service virtualization tools to prototype, simulate, and isolate your code from constrained dependencies.

QA Testers

Execute your test plan on your schedule, even if some of your test environment is unavailable. Test completely without using sensitive data by creating virtual test data equivalents.