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Working at Parasoft

When you join Parasoft, you join a team of passionate employees who take great pride in the software products we build. Here, you’ll make lasting friendships, learn from some of the most brilliant developers in the world, expand your depth and breadth of technical knowledge, and work on incredible projects that influence the way other developers write code.

Current Open Positions

Founded in 1987, Parasoft has been committed to creating quality software. We strive to extend that vision into creating a quality work environment. This starts first and foremost with hiring the best in our industry, building a team of top-notch professionals, and an environment where every individual will contribute to the processes, decisions, culture, and future of our company.



Sr. Account Representative – Technology Sales

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The health, welfare, and future of our employees and their families are imperative. We offer an expansive benefits package that features a multitude of insurance coverage choices, including health, vision, dental, life, and disability. To expand your future, we provide education assistance, retirement services, adoption assistance, professional development, and training. A competitive salary, generous compensation plans, and a comprehensive Paid Time Off program with scheduled paid holidays throughout the year help you balance work and play.

What Our Employees Are Saying


The technology we make is leveraged by some of the smartest software engineers in the world, which exposes us to a wide variety of challenges that keep the job interesting.

- Software Engineer


It's a company borne of innovation and driven by unbridled creativity... constantly striving to push the envelope on how to perfect software development.

- Account Executive


There are reasonable expectations of work-life balance. Since management is technical and the company sells testing products, they encourage striving for quality in the products, which means you're keeping technical debt low and get to do interesting things.

- Software Engineer


People here are really passionate about the work and products that the company offers. Therefore, there is a great deal of collaboration and teamwork that goes towards achieving company-wide goals.

- Current Employee


There is no shortage of well experienced senior engineers that offer tremendous learning opportunities for those who take advantage.

- Software Engineer


Very technical, always on the leading edge of software testing, quality, development, and security.

- Marketing Team Member


I have been working at Parasoft for some time and my knowledge about the computer software world has expanded exponentially. It has shown me sides of software I never knew existed.

- Software Developer