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Parasoft Insure++

Runtime Memory Leak Detection and Memory Debugging for C and C++ Applications

In complex software, even highly experienced developers can make mistakes in allocating, using, and releasing memory correctly, causing hard-to-find bugs that sometimes show up only after the software has been running for a long time. Parasoft Insure++ can detect memory leaks and improper access in the C/C++ environment.

Address Memory Issues With Parasoft Insure++

Catch Errors Early

Reduce your development and support costs by solving memory leaks and other memory problems early, before they become critical runtime problems in production.

Find Memory Issues

Identify those hard-to-solve memory management issues throughout your code base by using our patented technology.

Cover More Error Types

Find defects in your third-party libraries and examine your runtime behavior and resource allocation through graphical views.

Parasoft Insure++ Capabilities

Use Insure++ to reduce your development cost and eliminate long hours of tedious debugging.

  • Automatically detect memory problems, runtime errors, and security vulnerabilities such as memory corruption, memory leaks, buffer overflow/underflow, and stack overruns.
  • Use comprehensive coverage reports to measure testing progress in your code and third-party libraries.
  • Visualize memory allocations and deallocations with graphical displays and correlate with the application runtime activities.