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Parasoft dotTEST

Efficiently Achieve Compliance With C# Testing Tools for .NET Development

Reduce the risk of C# and .NET code with Parasoft dotTEST. Deep automated code analysis and traceability help you efficiently achieve compliance with security and safety-critical standards.

New release: Version 2022.2 is now available!

Develop Better Code With Parasoft dotTEST

Improve Productivity and Code Quality

Save time and money by finding and fixing defects earlier. Reduce the effort and cost of delivering high-quality software by preventing more complicated and expensive problems down the line.

Build Security Into Your Application

Get ahead of your security requirements by integrating security analysis and education directly into the developer’s workflow. Automate the application of CWE and OWASP checkers and achieve compliance with standards such as PCI DSS and UL 2900.

Ensure Compliance With Standards

Ensure your C# or VB.NET code complies with a wide range of safety and security industry standards, including the requirement traceability mandated and the documentation required to verify compliance.

Parasoft dotTEST Capabilities

Parasoft's C# testing tool, Parasoft dotTEST, automates a broad range of software quality practices for your C# and VB.NET development activities. Deep code analysis uncovers reliability and security issues. Code coverage, requirements traceability, and automated compliance reporting helps achieve compliance for security standards and safety-critical industries.

How Does Parasoft dotTEST Help?

Development Managers

Reduce the risk of .NET development with Parasoft’s C# testing tool. Automate compliance for security and safety-critical focused industries.


Avoid interruptions from late cycle discovery of defects or security vulnerabilities by integrating deep code analysis directly into your IDE and the CI/CD pipeline.

Software Testers

Quickly understand what was tested and what was not. Combine code coverage with traceability to the original requirements or user stories to get a complete view of test coverage.