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Service Virtualization

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Accelerate the SDLC

With Parasoft's Service Virtualization solution, organizations bring higher quality software to the market faster and at a lower cost. Parasoft's industry-leading test environment simulation and management technologies enable developers, QA, and performance testers to test earlier, faster, and more completely.



Testimonials and Case Studies

The possibilities are stunning. Not only can you have repeatable automated tests, but Environment Manager enables testers to define and assign different response performance profiles to each virtual endpoint.

— Jolt Award judge Gary Evans

In a group of intriguing candidates reviewed in this Utilities category, Virtualize stands out as truly Jolting product, raising the bar on automated testing and new quality achievement.

— Jolt Award judge Gary Evans

Because of its ease of use and consistent workflow, we expect Parasoft Virtualize to be a strong contender.

— Theresa Lanowitz, voke research

Parasoft Virtualize is differentiated in the market because of its ease of use and attractiveness to teams with varying degrees of technical prowess

— Theresa Lanowitz, voke research

The bottom line for Parasoft and "Service Virtualization" testing: worth looking at right now... The gains from the additional software robustness [are] clear, and potentially company-reputation-saving.

— Wayne Kernochan, President of Infostructure Associates

Parasoft's "strong service virtualization capabilities... help reduce costs associated with configuring and managing testing environments"

— Info-Tech, Market Innovator award

Parasoft Service Virtualization is a product you need to seriously consider if you are developing applications that you have to test... The product is an absolute tour de force. The potential cost saving is dramatic

— Dirk Strauss, developer and blogger

Communications: Runs earlier, more comprehensive performance testing by eliminating database dependencies

Financial: Virtualizes mainframe behavior to provide stable, "always on" environments for partner integration

Retail: Rapidly prototypes functionality in order to accelerate feedback cycles & reduce time to market

Hospitality: Accelerates parallel development of highly-interconnected components for a complex distributed system

Medical Insurance: Reduces test data configuration time from weeks to hours

Financial: Increases the scope & frequency of testing without third-party access fees

Insurance: Reduces costs by eliminating dependencies on numerous back-end systems for each of their test environments

Utilities: Emulates a not-yet-implemented API for partner integration & automates the partner certification process


Parasoft has forged partnership with key stalwarts of the software development industry, including:


Comprehensive Service Virtualization

Since pioneering service virtualization capabilities in 2002, Parasoft has been leading the service virtualization marketplace–enabling organizations to accelerate development and testing while reducing costs.

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Unit Testing
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Runtime Error
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Peer Review
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Coverage Analysis
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Mobile App
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Service Virtualization ROI Paper

Learn about the business drivers behind service virtualization purchase decisions, as well as the opportunities for ROI via OpEx reduction, CapEx reduction, risk reduction, and incremental top-line revenue.

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Gartner Research Portfolio

Read this Gartner research for insight on why SV is a "must-have" for accelerating the SDLC, a first-hand look at SV at Comcast, & recommendations for organizations getting started with SV & SDLC acceleration.

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Service Virtualization Solution Sheet

Get a quick overview of how Parasoft Service Virtualization can help your organization test earlier, faster and more completely.

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Service Virtualization for Mobile Paper

Learn how simulated test environments promote more extensive and accurate validation and thus more effective optimization  prior to deployment.

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