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Access a complete test environment— anytime and anywhere

Parasoft Virtualize, an open automated service virtualization solution, creates, deploys, and manages simulated dev/test environments. It simulates the behavior of dependent applications that are still-evolving, difficult to access, or difficult to configure for development or testing—for example, databases, mainframes, ERPs, 3rd-party systems or services.

Beyond "Shift Left"

Parasoft takes "shift left" to the next level by enabling you to test earlier AND test less. With Parasoft's integrated Service Virtualization, API Testing and Development Testing, you can dramatically reduce your exposure to security, performance, and reliability risks.

With fewer defects injected into the software, you achieve significantly faster time to market with better-quality deliverables.

Enable Continuous Testing

Using simulated test environments, developers and testers can exercise end-to-end transactions whenever they want, as extensively as they want. This enables fully-automated continuous testing, which is a critical component of continuous release and continuous delivery. With the freedom to test early and often, the team exposes defects when they are fastest, easiest, and least costly to fix.

Instant Access to Complete Test Environments

Parasoft provides visualization and control of the complete system under test—including all application dependencies. With role-based access, users can review, access, and provision complex test environments in seconds from an intuitive interface. Automated analysis of environment health helps the team proactively identify test environment issues before they compromise the accuracy of your test results.

Directly from this intuitive browser-based interface, team members can create a simulated test environment in less than a minute, then immediately start defining and executing tests against the appropriate test environment configurations.

Open Automated Infrastructure

The Parasoft service virtualization architecture is designed for open and rapid integration with complementary infrastructure components, such as:

  • Application performance monitoring
  • Service repositories
  • API/SOA management
  • ESBs
  • Model-based definitions
  • Test data mining
  • Release automation

Capture and Simulate Real System Behavior

As you naturally exercise the application under test, Parasoft captures real system behavior and converts it into a simulated test environment—delivering anytime access. Beyond "services," Parasoft Service Virtualization captures the behavior of databases, messaging queues, middleware, mainframes, ERPs, ESBs, legacy systems, native system calls, and more.

Rapidly Model Incomplete/Unavailable Components

When dependent system components are unavailable or incomplete, Parasoft enables you to rapidly model anticipated behavior through an intuitive graphical interface. Additionally, you can automatically generate virtual assets from definition files or transaction logs.

Rapid Automated Change Control

With the rapid evolution of today's services and application dependencies, it is essential to have a fast, easy, and automated way of delivering the most realistic test environments. Parasoft automatically assesses the impact of changes and intelligently updates existing test environments. This vastly reduces the amount of time required to achieve the environment integrity required for accurate results.

Easily Configure Complex Test Conditions

Virtual assets are easily extended with specific response parameters for performance, test data, and response logic. It's simple to mimic conditions for more complete testing, including "what-if," security, concurrency, fail-over, performance, and negative test scenarios. This approach allows for a broad array of test conditions to be executed without altering the core test case.

Data Sheet

Get a quick overview of how Parasoft Service Virtualization can help your organization test earlier, faster and more completely.


Parasoft Virtualize is available for desktop or server licensing. Please contact us to learn more about which edition best suits your organization's environment.

Testimonials and Case Studies

The possibilities are stunning. Not only can you have repeatable automated tests, but Environment Manager enables testers to define and assign different response performance profiles to each virtual endpoint.

— Jolt Award judge Gary Evans

In a group of intriguing candidates reviewed in this Utilities category, Virtualize stands out as truly Jolting product, raising the bar on automated testing and new quality achievement.

— Jolt Award judge Gary Evans

Because of its ease of use and consistent workflow, we expect Parasoft Virtualize to be a strong contender.

— Theresa Lanowitz, voke research

Parasoft Virtualize is differentiated in the market because of its ease of use and attractiveness to teams with varying degrees of technical prowess

— Theresa Lanowitz, voke research

The bottom line for Parasoft and "Service Virtualization" testing: worth looking at right now... The gains from the additional software robustness [are] clear, and potentially company-reputation-saving.

— Wayne Kernochan, President of Infostructure Associates

Parasoft's "strong service virtualization capabilities... help reduce costs associated with configuring and managing testing environments"

— Info-Tech, Market Innovator award

Parasoft Service Virtualization is a product you need to seriously consider if you are developing applications that you have to test... The product is an absolute tour de force. The potential cost saving is dramatic

— Dirk Strauss, developer and blogger

Supported Environments


Protocols & Technologies

  • JMS
  • MQ
  • Equifax
  • FTP
  • ISO 8583
  • FIX
  • Protobuf
  • JDBC
  • .NET
  • XML
  • REST
  • Swagger
  • RAML
  • WADL
  • SAML
  • Web Services
  • SOAP
  • TCP/IP
  • WSDL
  • WS-*
  • WS-Security
  • XML Schema
  • XPath
  • CTG
  • IMS
  • DRDA
  • DB2
  • ODBC
  • More/Custom


  • JMS Providers
  • WebSphere MQ
  • ActiveMQ
  • Apache Qpid
  • GlassFish MQ
  • IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS)
  • IBM WebSphere MQ (MQ Series)
  • JBoss JMS
  • Open Message Queue (OpenMQ)
  • Oracle Advanced Queuing (AQ)
  • Oracle BEA WebLogic
  • Progress Sonic MQ
  • Sun Java System Message Queue (Sun MQ)
  • Sun JMS
  • Other JMS Providers
  • Application Servers
  • WebSphere Application
  • .NET
  • JBoss
  • Tomcat
  • GlassFish
  • Geronimo
  • Resin
  • More/Other Servers
  • SOA, ESB and other Platforms and Technologies
  • SoftwareAG CentraSite
  • AquaLogic Enterprise Repository
  • AmberPoint
  • WebSphere ESB
  • Oracle Fusion
  • SoftwareAG IS
  • Sonic ESB
  • TIBCO ActiveMatrix
  • IBM Mainframe (zLinux, zOS)
  • More/Other platforms
Message Formats

Message Formats

  • XML
  • ebXML
  • SOAP
  • JSON
  • EDI
  • Fixed Length
  • HL7
  • Java Objects
  • Bytes/Binary
  • Copybook
  • More/Custom

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