Learn how to fully realize the promise of agile development by testing only what needs to be tested, and nothing more.

Parasoft Jtest 10.3.4

 In this release, we have added numerous enhancements, focusing our efforts on unit testing in the context of the following areas:

Why re-test everything every sprint? Optimize your testing strategy to focus on re-executing only the tests that touch the changes.

Learn how to aggregate coverage to assess release readiness with better visibility into risky areas of your software.

Quality Assurance Engineer (DTP Web Server) - Poland

We are seeking a Software Quality Assurance Engineers for our DTP team that can efficiently perform common QA tasks with little to no supervision and work closely with development in an agile environment. They will help contribute to the development cycle of the product which includes planning, daily stand-up meetings, sprint reviews and retrospectives. They will be responsible for accumulating the quality assurance metrics for each sprint and present it to the group for analysis. We are looking for passionate engineers that are looking to make a meaningful contribution to the team.

Parasoft Supercharges Static Analysis in New SWAMP-in-a-Box Configuration

Monrovia, CA – Parasoft, the leader in automated software testing, has partnered with the Software Assurance Marketplace (SWAMP) to support a new SWAMP-in-a-Box (SiB) configuration. The customizable SWAMP-in-a-Box software gives SWAMP users secure, local access to Parasoft’s mature static analysis security solution inside their own network. Previously, SWAMP users had to share their code within the SWAMP open facility for analysis, incompatible for many organizations’ security policies. With this new configuration, the power of SWAMP can be unleashed into secure and private networks.

Learn how to pinpoint real memory issues within your application and identify the risks that they expose.

Build a comprehensive testing strategy for your .NET application with Parasoft dotTEST.

Finding it difficult to introduce unit testing and keep a growing unit test suite alive? This paper describes unit testing best practices.

To truly advance the quality of IoT software development, we need a service-based perspective and orientation.