Continuous Testing for IT Leaders

Learn how Continuous Testing provides a real-time, objective assessment of the business risks associated with an application under development.

voke Research: Market Mover Report

Download voke Research's Market Mover Array Report to learn why Parasoft was named the Lifecycle Virtualization leader.

Continuous Testing

Learn how Continuous Testing provides a real-time, objective assessment of the business risks associated with an application under development.
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voke Research: Parasoft Named Leading Innovator for Service Virtualization

Learn why Parasoft was named the leading innovator for Lifecycle Virtualization solutions in this complimentary copy of “voke Research Market Mover Array Report: Lifecycle Virtualization.”

ABCs of Service Virtualization Webinar

In this on-demand webinar, learn the Service Virtualization essentials: What is Service Virtualization and how does it impact Access, Behavior, Cost, and Speed.

Telecom: Vodafone NZ Accelerates Releases While Reducing Risks

Increased competition in the telecom market required Vodafone to accelerate their release cadence—at the same time that growing system complexity was making it harder to test. Learn how service virtualization is helping them deliver top-quality applications faster by enabling earlier and more automated defect detection.

Forrester: 7 Steps for Effective DevOps

Forrester’s Diego Lo Guidice recommends the following 7 steps for organizations looking to adopt or optimize DevOps…

Tags: DevOps

Service Virtualization: Accelerating Digital Transformation at CareFirst

by Mike Puntumapanitch (CareFirst Director, Service Transition and Quality Management), Wayne Ariola (Chief Strategy Officer), Cynthia Dunlop (Lead Technical Writer)

Learn how service virtualization enabled CareFirst to deliver more, and more innovative, software faster than ever before…without increasing costs or compromising on their high quality standards.

The ABCs of Service Virtualization

by Wayne Ariola (Chief Strategy Officer), Cynthia Dunlop (Lead Technical Writer)

Learn Service Virtualization essentials: What is Service Virtualization and how does it impact Access, Behavior, Cost, and Speed (the ABCs).

Runtime and Memory Error Detection and Visualization with Parasoft Insure++

This paper provides important information about using Insure++ and valuable insight into how Insure++ helps you diagnose all types of memory issues, including errors during compilation, linking problems, and memory blowout, fragmentation, and overuse.

Automotive Software Engineering Defects on the Rise

Automotive software defects are on the rise. Learn about what’s driving embedded software defects and what you can do about them.

Rx for FDA Software Compliance

This webinar discusses static analysis implementation best practices for FDA compliance. Topics covered include: the benefits of static analysis and what to look for in an analyzer, how to automate static analysis execution, and how to integrate static analysis within your software development processes.

Driving Risks out of Embedded Automotive Software

Automobiles are becoming the ultimate mobile computer and as such, there is unprecedented need to manage the risks of failure— protecting life and property, avoiding costly recalls, and reducing the risk of ruinous lawsuits. This on demand webinar covers five practical techniques for driving the risks out of embedded automotive software.

Quantifying the Risk of Automotive Software Failures: The SRR Warranty and Recall Report

How costly are automotive software failures? This overview of the SRR Warranty and Recall Report discusses the numbers behind automotive software defects.

Tags: Embedded

Forrester: DevTestOps and Continuous Delivery Pipelines

Get Forrester’s take on how to build a Continuous Delivery pipeline for Agile processes and why “DevTestOps” is a critical component of such pipelines.

Does Your Release Candidate Have an Acceptable Level of Risk?

SD Times by Wayne Ariola (Chief Strategy Officer), Cynthia Dunlop (Lead Technical Writer)

Today’s DevOps and “Continuous Everything” initiatives require the ability to assess the risks associated with a release candidate—instantly and continuously. So why are DevTest teams still focused on the wrong question: “Are we done testing?”

Can Speed and Quality Coexist in the SDLC?

DevTest’s perspective on speed and quality is much different than that of “the business.” Discover what this means for the evolution of quality in the era of “Continuous Everything”

14 Essential Software Development Books to Read This Summer

For a little professional development amongst summer’s sun and fun, consider the following recommendations from Parasoft developers, including books on Agile, TDD, design patterns, rework and refactoring, debugging, C++, Java, and POSIX threads.


How Do Teams Measure Non-Functional Requirements?

As the pressure mounts to release innovative software faster, organizations must have much better control over (and visibility of) how faulty software can impact the business. Parasoft explored this topic of software quality at speed in a recent DevTest survey about measuring and monitoring non-functional requirements.

How Capital One Transformed DevTest for Continuous Delivery

Capital One’s Adam Auerbach shares his insights on what DevTest changes are critical for responding to extreme digital disruption. Forrester’s Diego Lo Giudice joins Adam for the discussion and explores how the challenges of delivering quality@speed are being overcome across all industries facing digital disruption.

Is “IoT Security” a Contradiction in Terms?

The IoT is creating security risks at a faster rate than it’s fixing them…exposing us to direct control of devices to lost of personal private data to actual control of the networks and computers in our homes and offices.

Release = Merged, Correlated Coverage

This on demand webinar explores methods and metrics to more rapidly assess the risk of a software release candidate, including the value of Merged, Correlated Coverage and how to implement and leverage this metric as a critical step toward assessing risk and prioritizing testing activities.

Service Virtualization for Microsoft Environments: Technical Paper

by Wayne Ariola (Chief Strategy Officer), Cynthia Dunlop (Lead Technical Writer)

Learn how the combination of Microsoft Azure, Microsoft VSTS, and Parasoft Service Virtualization—operating natively within the Microsoft environment—enables organizations rapidly deploy a complete test environment on demand for Continuous Testing.

Build API Performance from the Ground Up: Using Unit Tests to Benchmark API Component Performance

by Sergei Baranov (Principal Software Engineer )

Learn why and how to use unit tests to benchmark the performance of the APIs and 3rd-party libraries that your team might integrate into your application.

Leveraging Service Virtualization to Achieve Quality at Speed: How CareFirst Built a Testing Superhighway

Watch this webinar featuring CareFirst and Forrester to discover how leading organizations are using service virtualization to advance Continuous Testing and DevOps as they scale Agile across the enterprise.

Merged, Correlated Coverage: Using Application Coverage to Release Faster

Describes the challenges that development teams face and how application coverage is the driving force for helping teams meet their release objectives.

Forrester: Test Automation, API Testing, and Service Virtualization in DevOps

Forrester’s Diego Lo Guidice talks about why test automation, API testing, and service virtualization are critical to agile development initiatives as organizations shift to continuous delivery, Agile, and DevOps.

Continuous Testing for IT Leaders eBook

by Wayne Ariola (Chief Strategy Officer), Cynthia Dunlop (Lead Technical Writer)

Continuous Testing provides a real-time, objective assessment of the business risks associated with an application under development. Learn how in this 70-page eBook.

Service Virtualization Best Practices: Insights from Industry Leaders

by Wayne Ariola (Chief Strategy Officer), Cynthia Dunlop (Lead Technical Writer)

Industry experts share best practices about SV and DevOps, Agile, cloud, performance testing, functional testing, API testing, business strategy, and more. Learn from industry leaders across retail, finance, communications, technology, consulting…

[INFOGRAPHIC] Agile Disregards Non-Functional Requirements

Agile teams report the lowest rate of measuring non-functional requirements. What does this mean for the evolution of quality in this era of Continuous Everything?

Tags: Agile

[INFOGRAPHIC] Safety, Security, and Reliability for Today’s Software-driven Cars

This infographic addresses the growing surface area that cars of the not-too-distant future, as well as cars on the road today, expose that could be exploited by malicious hackers. The blog post also includes survey data from a recent automotive software webinar.

Forrester: What’s the Role of Testing in Agile and DevOps?

Forrester’s Diego Lo Guidice discusses how breaking down the barriers between test and development enables you to successfully implement your Agile and DevOps initiatives. Learn about the importance of integrating testers and testing practices into your development teams.

Tags: Agile, DevOps

Parasoft–Quality@Speed with DevOps

Learn how Parasoft helps organizations increase velocity and ensure that high-risk release candidates don’t reach end users.

Ensuring Quality and Security in Your Automotive Infotainment Systems

With dozens of microprocessors and multiple networks and busses, modern connected cars are the ultimate mobile computers. Learn the risks posed by in-vehicle systems, how to assess that risk to your business, and the applicable tools and techniques for ensuring the quality and safety of infotainment systems.

Evolving to Continuous Testing by Wayne Ariola (Chief Strategy Officer), Cynthia Dunlop (Lead Technical Writer)

What’s the difference between automated testing and continuous testing—and what’s needed to answer the question “Does the release candidate have an acceptable level of business risk?”

Deploy & Destroy Complete Test Environments: Service Virtualization, Containers, and Cloud

Sick of others telling you when you can and can’t test? Of bureaucracies that make getting useful test data more difficult than a complete government overthrow? Learn how Service Virtualization, Containers, and Cloud help organizations test on their own terms.

DevOps Brings “El Nino”-Scale Impacts to Software Testing

DevOps’ constant deluge of new functionality undeniably creates a torrential disruption to traditional testing. How can you ensure every “little change” doesn’t introduce side effects that ripple across the application and make the end user more frustrated than a driver on a flooded California freeway?

Managing the Risk in Your Automotive Software Supply Chain

The automobile industry relies on a vast, sprawling supply chain to create the hardware and software that goes into each vehicle. Learn how to manage the risk in your automotive software supply chain and ensure the quality, safety and security of downstream components.

The Business Risks of the Release Pipeline

by Wayne Ariola (Chief Strategy Officer), Cynthia Dunlop (Lead Technical Writer)

Parasoft surveyed 780 software development professionals about their views on quality and how they define/measure both functional and non-functional requirements. Read this report to see what we discovered and what it means for the evolution of “quality” in this era of Continuous Everything.

What is Process Intelligence for the SDLC?

Process intelligence delivers insights about the process so that agents within the system can quickly and efficiently meet business objectives, while agents responsible for managing the process can continuously make improvements that reduce risk throughout the process. Learn more about process intelligence in this article.

Parasoft PIE Sweetened for Pi Day

In celebration of International Pi Day, Parasoft discusses recent updates and the latest “PIE slices” featured in Parasoft’s Process Intelligence Engine, part of it’s award-winning Development Testing Platform.

Automate API Testing—No Coding Required

Today’s industry experts agree that GUI testing is ill-suited for today’s “Continuous Everything” world, and that a shift to API testing is required for delivering quality at speed. Watch these “how to” videos to see how fast and easy it can be to get started with API testing.

Why Internet of Things (IoT) Software Testing Matters

The term Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a system of network-enabled devices, components, or services that publish and/or consume data. The most familiar IoT environment is probably the home automation system in which lighting, security system, irrigation system, etc. can be controlled via a central device, such as a smart phone. But an IoT environment may also enable machine-to-machine communication for safer, more efficient industrial uses, such as a “smart” utility grid or for factory automation.

IoT Was the Word of the Day at Embedded World 2016

Based on this year’s Embedded World, many people have IoT projects in the pipe and are looking for strategies on how to deliver their IoT-ready applications. If you’re one of them, read on to learn the effectiveness of an end-to-end approach to IoT system verification, and get examples on how to isolate and automate testing for components within the IoT stack.

Embedded Testing eKit

This embedded software testing kit includes a whitepaper, customer case study, and data sheet detailing the features and benefits of Parasoft’s flagship C and C++ development testing solution.

End-to-end Testing for IoT Integrity

Learn how to ensure that the endpoints you leverage in an IoT environment enhance your brand.

DevOps: An “El Nino” for Software Testing—Are you Ready?

Just as El Nino has slammed into California’s coast wreaking havoc, DevOps is overwhelming the software testing world. Experts from Parasoft and Skytap provide the latest forecast on how DevOps is already impacting software testing—as well as a set of ways to stave off trouble when the peak of the storm hits.

Forrester: Barriers and Best Practices for Scaling Agile

Forrester analyst Diego Lo Guidice discusses the top 3 reasons Agile fails, how “Agile Expert” firms overcome common barriers, and Agile best practices.

Tags: Agile

A Love Letter from Dev/Test Cloud to Service Virtualization

A lighthearted look at the “relationship” between two complementary technologies: service virtualization and cloud dev/test labs.

Forrester: Why Continuous Testing is Vital for Quality @ Speed

Forrester analyst Diego Lo Guidice discusses how testing needs to evolve in order to enable quality at speed for Agile and DevOps.

7-Point Plan for Securing Automotive Software

Our automotive software and security experts team up to discuss how to improve embedded software security in the automotive environment. Topics covered include MISRA and ISO 26262 compliance, problem resolution, issue priority and impact management, and more.

Why Appsec Vulnerabilities Are Dismissed as “Theoretical” or “False”

Why do software engineers and others engaged in appsec marginalize the findings from their security tools?

Service Virtualization Computer Technology Case Study: Using SV + Cloud-Based Test Environments to Increase Agile Velocity While Controlling Defects

A leading PC vendor transitioning to Agile wanted to start testing each user story as soon as it was completed, but lacked the required on-demand, flexible access to realistic test environments. Learn how service virtualization helps them simultaneously spin up all required test environments—all with extremely specific test data, response logic, and performance conditions.

What is Continuous Testing?

Continuous testing refers to executing automated tests as part of the software delivery pipeline to obtain immediate feedback on the business risks associated with a software release candidate. The scope of testing extends from validating bottom-up requirements or user stories to assessing the system requirements associated with overarching business goals.

It provides a real-time, objective assessment of the business risks associated with an application under development. Applied uniformly, continuous testing allows both business and technical managers to make better trade-off decisions between release, scope, time, and quality.

Energy: Static Analysis Identifies the Root Cause of Intermittent Erratic System Behavior

Static analysis helps a leading energy management company prevent the root causes of multiple application failure types—rather than having to discover and remediate the resulting defects late in the SDLC or after release.

Continuous Testing at the Speed of DevOps

Parasoft recently hosted a “Continuous Testing in the DevOps World” webinar that explored the new role of testing necessitated by the evolution of the SDLC. This post highlights some of the key points

Tags: DevOps

Mode 1, Mode 2: Gartner Preaches Bimodal Development at AADI

“Get Ready for Bimodal IT” – That’s the message from Gartner AADI 2015. Learn what Gartner said about applying the bimodal concept to software development & quality assurance and get Alan Zeichick’s take on “bimodal” as the buzzword of 2015.


Service Virtualization Financial Case Study: Scaling Test Environment Access for Parallel Agile Development

Service Virtualization helped a leading financial services company scale access to a prohibitively expensive 3rd party application, giving each Agile team instant to an independent test environment they could configure and reconfigure as needed—with zero impact on the other teams.

Service Virtualization Retail Case Study: Continuous Testing for DevOps

Learn how service virtualization enabled the world’s second-largest retailer to continuously execute automated tests involving core purchase functionality—despite unstable downstream components, asynchronous responses, and 3rd-party service constraints.

How Automated Static Code Analysis Prevents Defects, Accelerates Delivery

Static analysis basics for software engineers, including types of static analysis, benefits of static analysis, and risks associated with failing to implement a defect prevention strategy.

Top 6 Continuous Testing Questions at Gartner AADI

Get a summary of the top 6 Continuous Testing and Service Virtualization questions that industry leaders are asking Parasoft at Gartner AADI this week.

Why Software Development Leaders are Thankful for Static Analysis

Static analysis probably won’t be a topic of discussion of most families’ Thanksgiving feasts, but many software development leaders are immensely grateful that static analysis tools have helped them prevent disasters much more severe than an overcooked turkey.

[INFOGRAPHIC] – 20 Years of Java Testing

To help celebrate the 20th anniversary of Java, Parasoft documented key milestones in the 20 year history of Java testing…

Stopping Software Security Slashers

In this on-demand webinar, our static analysis expert discusses how to ensure the security of your applications from Stagefright, Heartbleed, and other grisly-sounding software defects by leveraging standards to evolve development policies from static analysis findings.

7 Software Quality Stats Scarier than Halloween

What’s scarier than all the ghouls, ghosts, and goblins you’re likely to confront this weekend? If you’re in the software business, you’ll probably end up with more nightmares from the following stats than from any Halloween horrors…

Tags: General

The Risks of Measuring Technical Debt

CM Crossroads by Wayne Ariola (Chief Strategy Officer), Cynthia Dunlop (Lead Technical Writer)

If your organization measures technical debt, have you really considered why you’re doing this, and what you will do with that information once it has been gathered? Just because you can measure technical debt doesn’t mean you should. Before you start (or continue) measuring technical debt, it’s important to recognize that there are consequences.

DevOps: Are You Pushing Bugs to Your Clients Faster?

Now that rapid delivery of differentiable software has become a business imperative, software development teams are scrambling to keep up. In response to increased demand, they are seeking new ways to accelerate their release cycles—driving the adoption of agile or lean development practices such as DevOps. Yet, based on the number of software failures now making headlines on a daily basis, it’s evident that speeding up the SDLC opens the door to severe repercussions.

Continuous Testing and Service Virtualization at StarWest: A Virtual Goodie Bag

At StarWest 2015, Continuous Testing and Service Virtualization were the talk of the show (second only to the amazing Mickey-Mouse-themed goodies)! Although we can’t virtualize those sweet treats, we did round up a set of resources that give you a taste of the show’s hottest Continuous Testing and Service Virtualization discussions…

Continuous Testing in the DevOps World

This webinar explores the new role of testing in the “continuous everything” world. Presenters focus on what the shift from automated to continuous testing really means and discuss why it’s critical for DevOps.

DevHops: Continuous Testing & Service Virtualization

In this “DevHops” podcast, guests from Parasoft and Skytap explore continuous testing, service virtualization, and how SDLC acceleration is impacting quality—all while sipping and reviewing beers of their choice.

Why Testers Can’t Test (Part 2): Dev/Test Environments in the Cloud

Building and maintaining complete test environments with conventional infrastructure is typically slow, extraordinarily expensive, and often infeasible due to missing services and data. Parasoft and Skytap offer a new approach. This on-demand webinar explains how administrators can easily set up complete environments that testers and developers can quickly (and simultaneously) provision and use on demand.

Top 10 Service Virtualization Mistakes

by Wayne Ariola (Chief Strategy Officer), Cynthia Dunlop (Lead Technical Writer)

Learn the top 10 reasons why service virtualization initiatives fall short of expectations—and get some tips for avoiding these common pitfalls.

Parasoft and Skytap Deliver 24/7 Access to Complete Test Environments

Get technical details on how Parasoft and Skytap work together to help teams rapidly configure, provision, scale, and reproduce complete dev/test environments.

voke Research: Development Testing

Read this new report from voke Research to explore how a Development Testing Platform can help organizations leverage the power of data to reduce business risks across their applications and the SDLC.

What’s New with Parasoft Development Testing Platform?

This on-demand webinar explores the new features and enhancements to Parasoft Development Testing Platform (DTP), including enhancements to PIE, new PIE slice templates, and Metrics Explorer view.

Parasoft Continuous Testing Solution Sheet

Learn how Parasoft Continuous Testing helps dev/test teams working with complex, frequently-evolving applications to rapidly develop and continuously execute robust, meaningful tests.

Fine-tuning LoadTest Configurations

Learn how to fine-tune machines, profiles, scenarios, and other component configurations for load testing.

Configuring and Running Load Tests Using Your Existing SOAtest Test Scenarios

Learn how to configure Parasoft LoadTest and run tests using your existing SOAtest test scenarios

Running Tests from the Command Line

Learn how to run Parasoft SOAtest tests from the command line.

Performing Cross-browser Testing and Validation on the Web UI

Learn how to perform cross-browser testing and validation on the Web UI.

Adding Targeted Assertions for Values in JSON Responses

Learn how to add targeted assertions for values in JSON responses.

Extracting Values from JSON Responses and Reusing Them in Other Tests

Learn how to extract values from JSON responses and reuse them in other tests.

Extracting Values from XML Responses and Reusing Them in Other Tests

Learn how to extract values from XML responses and reuse them in other tests.

Adding Targeted Assertions for Values in XML Responses

Learn how to add targeted assertions for values in XML responses.

Generating and Updating Regression Controls

Learn how to generate and update regression controls.

Using Data Sources to Parameterize Tests

Learn how to use data sources to parameterize (e.g., “data drive”) tests

Creating REST Tests Without Access to API Definitions or Captured Traffic

Learn how to create REST tests when you don’t have access to API definitions or captured traffic.

Automatically Generating Tests for Endpoints in a Swagger Definition

In this video, you’ll learn how to automatically generate tests for the endpoints in a Swagger definition using Parasoft SOAtest

Automatically Generating Tests for Operations Defined in a WSDL

Learn how to automatically generate tests for the operations defined in a WSDL

Creating a Virtual Asset from Swagger

Learn how to create a Parasoft Virtual Asset (PVA) from a Swagger definition

How to virtualize a database over JDBC

Learn how to virtualize a database over JDBC using Parasoft Virtualize

Creating a Virtual Asset from a WSDL Service Description

Learn how to create a virtual asset from a WSDL service description with Parasoft Virtualize

Creating a Virtual Asset from Sample Request/Response Pairs

Learn how to create a virtual asset from sample request/response pairs in Parasoft Virtualize.

Creating a Virtual Asset from Traffic Recorded with a Message Proxy

Learn how to create a virtual asset from traffic recorded with a message proxy in Parasoft Virtualize

Monitor and Record Traffic from a Message Proxy

In this video, we describe how to monitor and record traffic from a message proxy using Parasoft Virtualize.

How to Set Up a Message Proxy that can Capture Live Traffic

This video describes how to set up a message proxy that can capture live traffic.

Disrupting the SDLC to Prevent Travel Disruptions: The Role of Test Automation + Service Virtualization

Learn advanced test automation and service virtualization best practices/trends from Alaska Airlines and Forrester Research in this great event recap, courtesy of Skytap.

Freedom to Test When You Want, How You Want

This webinar explores service virtualization–a revolutionary new way to achieve freedom from the constraints most common in the software testing industry today.

Declare Your Independence from Software Defects

This on-demand webinar explores how various static code analysis implementations help prevent defects during production and shape your software defect prevention strategy.

The Functional Ecosystem from Service Virtualization Perspective

Access to unavailable system components is one of the biggest barriers to testing. Service virtualization eliminates this by enabling you to quickly and easily simulate the complete test environment, including third-party service, data stored in the database, or incomplete systems. See how Parasoft Virtualize facilitates testing of a banking application in this demo.

Service Virtualization: Test Earlier, Faster, More Completely

by Wayne Ariola (Chief Strategy Officer), Cynthia Dunlop (Lead Technical Writer)

Test environment access constraints have become one of the greatest barriers to delivering quality software efficiently. Learn how service virtualization removes these constraints, enabling teams to test more efficiently & effectively.

Understanding Web Services and Service Oriented Architectures

The shift from integrated systems to API-based or service-oriented architecture (SOA) has afforded businesses greater flexibility and interoperability within their IT activities. But what exactly is SOA, why do APIs matter, and, more importantly, how do you test them?

SOA Was Built on Trust, but APIs Require Integrity

CM Crossroads by Wayne Ariola (Chief Strategy Officer), Cynthia Dunlop (Lead Technical Writer)

With SOA, the services you consume are typically developed by your organization or a close business partner, so you can assume they have standards similar to your own. But when you adopt APIs, you usually have no visibility into how solidly the services were built—or when and how they are evolving. How should you properly vet an external API?

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