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Automotive Software Testing That Drives Success

Gearing Up for Growth

Well-established in the safety-critical market with better support for automotive standards than any other tool vendor, Parasoft’s C/C++ development testing solutions integrate multiple testing technologies into one tool. Teams can easily adopt Parasoft tooling to comply with automotive standards like ISO 26262, ISO 21434, MISRA, and AUTOSAR C++ 14. Customized compliance reporting and advanced analytics pinpoint exactly where to focus development efforts.

Unparalleled Software Test Automation for the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry continues to rapidly evolve and grow into technical areas where other industries have operated for many years. This type of evolution—particularly that of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS)—comes with a new set of challenges in safety and security.

If you’re tackling ISO 26262, ASPICE, SOTIF, SAE J3061, ISO 21434, or compliance to MISRA C:2023, MISRA C++:2023 or AUTOSAR C++ 14, Parasoft’s test automation solutions can help you overcome the challenges.

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Verify. Report. Remediate.

Modern automotive software development workflows power through three phases: verify, report, and remediate. Parasoft’s automated software testing is a trusted ally in each. Our tools integrate into the CI/CD pipeline and can be deployed in containers for dynamic build environments. Use Parasoft’s custom reporting and analytics platform to find gaps in testing, capture an unvarnished evaluation of the health of the code, and show the level of compliance.

How Parasoft Helps Testing of Automotive Software

Achieve compliance with ISO 26262 and ISO 21434 using Parasoft C/C++test and C/C++test CT. Development teams can automate testing techniques like static analysis, unit testing, code coverage, requirements-based testing, and requirements traceability mandated by the standard.

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"Parasoft C/C++test has become the basis for safety-oriented software development at Schaeffler Technologies AG and has been facilitating efficient development and maintenance in times of ever-increasing scope and complexity."

- Schaeffler Technologies AG