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Web Application (RIA, AJAX...) Functional Testing & Load Testing


Parasoft's Functional and Load Testing toolset facilitates comprehensive functional, security, and load testing for today’s complex, heterogeneous applications. Using this integrated toolset, you can test Web UIs through the message layer to the database and back-end—with detailed visibility into how transactions pass through the various system components.

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Core Capabilities for Web Application Functional, Load, and Security Testing

Parasoft guides the team in developing robust, noiseless regression tests for rich and highly-dynamic browser-based applications. Web application UIs, including RIA and AJAX, are extremely easy to test with Parasoft’s:
Functional testingVisual, script-less design of complex end-to-end functional test scenarios which may extend through web interfaces, backend services, ESBs, databases, and everything in between.
Rapid creation of reusable testsEliminates the need for writing scripts. Provides a simple GUI interface to create tests. Tests that are more suited to the control that scripting offers can be generated as JUnit tests and extended using the Java programming language.
Low-noise script-less testsIsolates and tests individual application components for correct functionality across multiple browsers without requiring scripts. Dynamic data can be stubbed out with constant data to reduce test case noise
Flexible validationsValidations can be performed at the page object level as well as the HTTP message level. Verifies the client-side JavaScript engine under expected and unexpected conditions through asynchronous HTTP message stubbing.
Regression testingCreates regression tests that ignore expected content changes for entire pages. You can create specific regression tests on individual page elements, thus eliminating the noise of annoying false positives.
Runtime error detectionDetects the runtime defects that occur during functional test execution—including race conditions, exceptions, resource leaks, and security attack vulnerabilities.
RIA/AJAX testingParasoft's solution delivers an automated framework to isolate and test the unique components of an AJAX/RIA application and then aggregates those components into a comprehensive test suite.
Load & performance testingVerifies application performance and functionality under heavy load. Existing end-to-end functional tests are leveraged for load testing, removing the barrier to comprehensive and continuous performance monitoring.
Security testingPrevents security vulnerabilities through penetration testing and hybrid analysis. Detects security vulnerabilities with unprecedented accuracy—and low false positives. Reuse existing testing efforts to pinpoints where attacks really succeed—not just areas that may be susceptible to attacks.
Audits for compliancePerforms an automated audit of Web interface content and structure, automatically scanning and analyzing for compliance to accessibility, branding & industry standards.
Manual testingAdds consistency and repeatability to the manual testing process; also enables change-based testing by identifying the manual test cases impacted by daily source code modifications.

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