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IBM Rhapsody and Parasoft

Deliver High-Quality, Compliant Code With C/C++test

Rhapsody’s model-driven development focuses on the design and architecture of the system under development. During Rhapsody’s code generation process, Parasoft’s C/C++test plugin will automatically analyze the auto-generated code and find coding defects and vulnerabilities that model-driven testing cannot. This ensures that code generation issues are fixed and integrated into the model and/or Rhapsody’s auto-code generation. Our automated and combined workflow reduces, labor, shortens time to market, and ensures the delivery of code that’s reliable, safe, secure, and compliant with industry coding standards.

C/C++test and IBM Rhapsody Integration

What C/C++test Does

Parasoft C/C++test static analysis profile plugs directly into the IBM Rational Rhapsody IDE. The C or C++ code is scanned during the Rhapsody code generation and build process. Analysis is performed to ensure compliance with coding standards such as MISRA C/C++, AUTOSAR C++ 14, CERT C/C++, and more, pinpointing safety defects and security coding vulnerabilities.

How the IBM Rhapsody Integration Works

Seamlessly install the C/C++test profile into Rhapsody’s IDE. The ability to configure and enable your static analysis becomes available via a menu within the Rhapsody project.

  • Enable C/C++test coding analysis during auto code generation and build.
  • Actionable coding violations are listed inside Rhapsody’s IDE.
  • Integrate code violation reports into the model.
  • Integrate coding standard documents into the model for easy workflow.

C/C++test static analysis is TÜV SÜD certified.

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