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From the code to the UI, Parasoft helps you deliver quality software at scale with automated testing solutions that span every stage of the development cycle.

  • Continuous Testing & Quality Platform
  • Safety-Critical Testing
  • Cloud, Web, & API Testing
  • Application Security Testing
Graphic showing Parasoft Continuous Quality Platform wheel: Code analysis, unit testing & code coverage, service vitualization, API test automation, performance testing, functional automation

Delivering software fast is good. Delivering software fast with confidence is even better. Whether performing static code analysis during development or web UI testing before releasing to production, keep going. Increase code and test coverage with unit testing and API testing. Use service virtualization to simulate traffic and endpoints for continuous testing and validate the application works reliably with load and performance testing. Verify test results meet expectations and identify any gaps on the reporting and analytics dashboard.


Deliver software that powers cars, aircraft, railways, industrial automation, and medical devices with confidence. Ensure it’s safe, secure, and reliable with Parasoft’s continuous code quality and functional safety compliance solutions, including reporting & analytics. Unify and automate static code analysis and unit testing with integration and system testing inside your dev tools of choice. Perform testing on target hardware, host, or virtual environments, and determine test case coverage against code by applying structural code coverage. Parasoft solutions have been TÜV certified for use on safety-critical systems in software development.


Customer experience comes down to whether a user’s expectations are met when they interact with your software. Deliver your service-centric web applications with confidence by using the Parasoft Continuous Quality solution. Integrate AI-powered API testing and Selenium-based web UI testing into your CI/CD workflow. Eliminate test environment dependencies with our market-leading virtual test data and service virtualization continuous testing solutions. Apply load and performance testing to validate application usage, and identify any testing gaps and risks using the reporting and analytics dashboard.


Shift application security testing left by integrating static code analysis in your development workflows to enforce security practices from the onset, and leverage API security testing to verify your functional security requirements are met. Reap the benefits of Parasoft AI-powered tools to automate compliance and security in your CI/CD pipeline to track and assess your security and compliance risks with advanced analytics and reporting capabilities. Gain immediate feedback and visibility into what’s lurking in your software applications so that you fix and ship your software with confidence.

Parasoft Continuous Quality

Parasoft C/C++test

Parasoft Jtest

Parasoft dotTEST

Parasoft Insure++

Parasoft DTP

Parasoft CTP

Parasoft Selenic

Parasoft SOAtest

Parasoft Virtualize

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Parasoft C/C++test

Develop high-quality C and C++ code that is robust, safe, secure, and compliant with industry standards.

Parasoft’s C/C++test is the fully integrated software testing solution for embedded safety-critical industries. Its automated software testing capabilities are also made for today’s high-velocity Agile DevOps environments. It integrates tightly into your C and C++ IDE, CI/CD pipeline and containerized deployments to detect defects earlier, and automatically enforce compliance with industry standards.

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Parasoft Jtest

Achieve high code coverage with JUnit and accelerate the delivery of secure and reliable Java applications with deep code analysis.

Parasoft Jtest integrates tightly into your development ecosystem and CI/CD pipeline for real-time, intelligent feedback on your testing and compliance progress. Jtest highlights code coverage, assists with JUnit creation, and identifies security and reliability issues so stakeholders can understand the quality of the deliverables and make informed decisions about risk of release.

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Parasoft dotTEST

Reduce the risk of C# or .NET development in the Microsoft framework with deep static analysis, security, and coverage for enterprise and embedded applications.

Parasoft’s C# testing tool, Parasoft dotTEST, automates a broad range of software quality practices for your C# and VB.NET development activities. Deep code analysis uncovers reliability and security issues. Code coverage, requirements traceability, and automated compliance reporting help achieve compliance for security standards and safety-critical industries.

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Parasoft Insure++

Automatically detect runtime memory-related defects such as heap corruption, rogue threads, memory leaks, and invalid pointers in C/C++ applications.

Insure++ is a runtime memory analysis and error detection tool for C and C++ that automatically identifies a variety of difficult-to-find programming, memory access, and security errors, along with potential defects and inefficiencies in memory usage. During testing, Insure++ checks all types of memory references, including those to static (global), stack, and shared memory — in the user’s code and in third party libraries.

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Parasoft DTP

Get a complete view of quality and compliance with aggregated reports and advanced analytics across Parasoft testing solutions.

Parasoft Development Testing Platform (DTP) delivers actionable insights so you can gain confidence in your software releases. DTP monitors and measures the application of quality practices, such as static analysis, unit and functional testing, coverage analysis, and much more, to expedite secure and compliant software. Parasoft DTP collects, correlates, and analyzes data generated throughout the SDLC to produce intelligent, actionable findings so you can focus on the impact of changed code and demonstrate full compliance traceability.

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Virtualize in ctp
Parasoft CTP

Manage your test environments and dependencies by orchestrating test execution, virtual services, and test data within the CI/CD pipeline.

Parasoft Continuous Testing Platform (CTP) provides easy visualization of your test environments and dependencies with graphical diagrams. Both technical and non-technical team members can configure and provision a complete test environment, and immediately execute tests against the appropriate test environment configurations. These activities all happen in concert with your existing CI/CD infrastructure, allowing you to seamlessly integrate continuous testing into your pipeline.

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Parasoft Selenic

Correct instabilities during execution of your Selenium tests with self-healing and reduce test maintenance with AI-generated recommendations.

Selenium tests are often unstable and difficult to maintain. Improve web UI tests with a flexible Selenium testing tool that integrates seamlessly with your Agile DevOps environment. Parasoft Selenic fixes common Selenium problems within your existing projects and with no vendor lock.

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Parasoft SOAtest

Simplify functional API testing and improve software quality using test automation enhanced with AI and ML to create and maintain API tests within your CI/CD pipeline.

Parasoft SOAtest delivers fully integrated API and web service testing capabilities that automate end-to-end functional API testing. Streamline automated testing with advanced codeless test creation for applications with multiple interfaces (REST & SOAP APIs, microservices, databases, and more). SOAtest reduces the risk of security breaches and performance outages by transforming functional testing artifacts into security and load equivalents. Such reuse, along with continuous monitoring of APIs for change, allows faster and more efficient testing.

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Virtualize in ctp
Parasoft Virtualize

When there’s limited access to real data and services, test anything anytime with realistic virtual services that behave just like the real thing.

Go beyond basic mocking and stubbing to create a more robust simulation for APIs and services. Deploy a “digital twin” of your test environment to use as a sandbox for partner development or as a virtual endpoint for internal testing. Parasoft’s service virtualization tool, Parasoft Virtualize, enables testers and developers to simulate services or data when access is limited or unreliable. The tools provide results that can easily integrate with other testing teams and be visualized for faster failure detection and debugging with an intuitive codeless interface.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Parasoft accelerates the delivery of safe, secure, compliant, and high-quality software through an intelligent automated testing and quality platform. The Parasoft Continuous Quality platform integrates seamlessly with modern development toolchains across the CI/CD pipeline improving development experiences and business outcomes for software development and test professionals and leaders.

Developers love our powerful static code analysis, unit testing, and code coverage tools including SAST capabilities that work right inside the most popular IDEs. Our award-winning API testing and service virtualization automates the testing of modern microservices and cloud apps. Bringing all this together, Parasoft’s leading reporting and analytics dashboard delivers a centralized view of quality enabling organizations to deliver with confidence and succeed in today’s most strategic ecosystems and development initiatives — security, safety-critical, Agile, DevOps, and continuous testing.

Software quality is recognized as the #1 issue IT executives are trying to mitigate. You can’t test quality into an application at the end of the software development life cycle (SDLC). You need to ensure that your software development process and practices put a priority on quality-driven development and integrate a continuous testing strategy to verify that the application’s functionality meets the requirements.

How do you achieve your software quality targets? By automating your unit, API, and UI testing activities, you can optimize and accelerate your DevOps workflow to reach quality goals. Shift testing earlier into the software development life cycle within your CI/CD pipeline to successfully implement continuous testing and quality.

Continuous quality is a core component of continuous software delivery and directly impacts digital business outcomes. Testing as a single step in the CI/CD pipeline or DevOps process just doesn’t work. Testing must be a continuous focus throughout the process. Hence the goal of our Continuous Quality Platform is simple: Give our customers a set of capabilities that allow them to easily automate testing as a seamless extension of their CI/CD toolchain every step of the way.

  • Code/Build
    • Enable developers to automate static code analysis for quality, compliance, safety, and security in the IDE of their choice.
    • Give developers AI-driven unit test generation to gain more code coverage in less time and with less effort.
  • Test/Release
    • Accelerate delivery of cloud, API, and microservice applications by automating the testing of web services and virtualization of services and data to ensure compliance, security, and quality.
    • Dramatically reduce the overhead of creation and maintenance of Selenium-based UI testing with automated test generation and AI-driven healing.
  • Deploy/Monitor/Operate

Parasoft provides test automation for every phase of the software development life cycle. We offer automated software testing for all types of software, from compact devices to large enterprise applications. Our solutions cover automated testing for safety certification and functional testing to validate the business workflows from individual unit components, through the APIs, and all the way to the user interface.

To validate your end-to-end application experience, you need a comprehensive set of testing capabilities that incorporates:

» Code analysis for compliance, safety, and security standards.

» Test scenario generation for functional unit, API, and UI testing.

» Test maintenance and self-healing to avoid unnecessary build failures.

» Test reusability for security, load, and performance nonfunctional testing.

» Test environment management for complex systems.

» Change impact analysis to identify which tests to execute, and to deliver rapid feedback.

» Integration with the CI/CD pipeline for continuous testing.

Parasoft supports many of the verification and validation challenges that safety-critical process standards highly recommend or mandate. Our solutions assist with bidirectional requirements traceability to test and code, static code analysis, unit testing, system testing, structural code coverage, on-target hardware validation, compliance reporting, and much more. Additionally, our test automation solution for safety- and security-critical applications, Parasoft C/C++test, has been TÜV SÜD certified for each of the process standards that are supported.

Parasoft offers testing for embedded safety-critical software in industries such as:

In addition, Parasoft offers end-to-end testing for enterprise web and mobile applications for industries like:

Parasoft accelerates the DevOps workflow by integrating our test automation solutions like static analysis, unit testing, and code coverage right into the CI/CD pipeline. When you shift testing earlier into the software development life cycle within your CI/CD pipeline, your team will be able to find and fix defects earlier in the development cycle, reducing the time between discovery and remediation. This means that fewer defects reach production, improving software quality, decreasing costs, and accelerating deliveries.

Additionally, API security and penetration testing can follow the same process. Push security testing into developers’ workflows with DAST integration and identify security issues earlier in the workflow.

Organizations can achieve compliance with guidance and real-time feedback from Parasoft solutions that support the following security and DevSecOps standards.

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