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Parasoft Helps Organizations Increase Software Quality by Automatically Identifying the Impact of Software Changes During Development


Parasoft to showcase the new release of Parasoft Jtest, helping users manage the risks of code changes to ensure quality@speed during Oracle Code One Conference in San Francisco


Monrovia, CA & San Francisco, CA (Booth #5212) – Parasoft, the global leader in automated software testing and continuous quality, announced today the latest release of Parasoft Jtest, their integrated Java development testing solution, providing static code analysis and unit testing. With Parasoft’s continued effort to help software development teams deliver reliable and secure Java applications faster with confidence, the new release of Jtest 10.4.1 allows users to focus on the code changes that are occurring in the product to efficiently ensure quality. To learn more, please visit: www.parasoft.com/products/parasoft-jtest/.

From Gartner, Smarter with Gartner, Make Application Development Cool Again, August 14, 2018: Today’s application organizations are digital organisms. They evolve through changes in their people, practices and technology. Digital disruptions provide new and immediate opportunities, forcing application organizations to change faster than ever before. As Darwin taught us, the fastest-adapting organisms will survive.” (https://www.gartner.com/smarterwithgartner/make-application-development-cool-again)

In today’s digital economy, companies must deliver software to the market faster, without sacrificing quality, to keep pace with consumer demand. In this quest for quality at speed, code is changed daily, and being able to effectively test these changes thoroughly and quickly becomes paramount. Without efficient and automated processes, bottlenecks can delay delivery and have a direct impact on the business.

The new release of Parasoft Jtest includes enhancements to help users:

  • Immediately understand the impact of change by analyzing, evaluating, and eliminating risk related to code changes during active development.
  • Achieve code coverage targets to release with confidence by leveraging JUnit test suites and expanding them to cover more use cases, with test case cloning and automatic data mutation.
  • Integrate into their development environment, with full support for the latest versions of IntelliJ and Eclipse, Java 9 & 10, and Mockito & PowerMock 2.0.

Developers can now understand, directly in their IDE in real-time, which tests to execute based on local source code changes, and then run only those tests. This immediate feedback drives improvement in code confidence and workflow productivity, by giving developers an efficient and thorough way of testing their code changes prior to check-in.

The same capability can be leveraged within the CI process to increase the development/test feedback loop and speed up the build and verification process, by automatically identifying and executing only the tests impacted by changes, rather than the full suite of tests.

With this release, Parasoft is enabling development teams to cover more uses cases, as change occurs, by intelligently augmenting unit test suites automatically. Developers can leverage their existing test suites to clone unit tests and Jtest can now automatically mutate the test data, within these cloned test, to cover the untested areas of code with a simple click of a button.

To learn more about Jtest, please visit us at Oracle Code One in San Francisco Booth 5212 or read more on the blog.