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Parasoft Launches Parasoft Selenic, an AI-Powered UI Testing Solution for Selenium


Parasoft Selenic empowers organizations to accelerate software delivery while ensuring a reliable customer experience.


MONROVIA, CA – Parasoft, the global leader in automated software testing, today announced the release of its newest product, Parasoft Selenic, a UI testing solution that makes Selenium smarter, to help organizations find real bugs faster. Leveraging AI to solve the common challenges of UI testing, Parasoft Selenic integrates seamlessly with Selenium, so teams can benefit from the technology without having to abandon their existing UI tests or having to move to propriety platform, like all other currently available solutions. For more information about the new Parasoft Selenic, visit: https://www.parasoft.com/products/parasoft-selenic/

In today’s highly-competitive markets, application usability and stability can itself be the competitive edge an organization needs to get ahead. But software dev/test teams across the globe are still struggling to confidently and rapidly deliver differentiating customer experiences due to bottlenecks in their testing practices. Automated UI testing is the critical step to validate the customer experience, and Selenium has become the de-facto standard for UI test automation. But while users agree that the Selenium open-source framework is powerful, many organizations indicate that their Selenium tests are suffering from common UI testing challenges of maintainability and stability.

To solve these challenges, Parasoft has introduced its newest product, Parasoft Selenic, an AI-powered UI testing tool that works directly with Selenium test suites and integrates into an existing CI/CD pipeline. Selenic provides self-healing of Selenium scripts at runtime, and automated recommendations to help users fix the broken tests after testing is complete, delivered directly back into the user’s IDE to automate updating the Selenium scripts. In addition to the self-healing and recommendations, Parasoft Selenic also includes a plugin for smart UI test creation, that records and generates pure Java-based Selenium tests, leveraging the page object model for maximum test maintainability.

“We see UI automation practices that typically require 3-4 days of effort updating tests when there is a change in an application. This means teams are struggling to deliver software at the speed of agile and struggle with costly late-cycle detection of defects,” explained Mark Lambert, VP of Products at Parasoft. “With Parasoft Selenic, not only do the Selenium tests self-heal to provide uninterrupted value in the CI/CD pipeline, but the process of updating tests due to change now takes minutes instead of hours.”

Key features and capabilities of Parasoft Selenic include:

  • Self-healing and AI-driven recommendations that help teams efficiently maintain their existing Selenium scripts, to benefit from advanced UI testing stability without having to leave Selenium
  • The ability to fit right into an existing CI/CD pipeline, activated by a simple one-line code change to the command line execution
  • A smart test creation workflow that gives testers a jumpstart on creating maintainable Selenium tests, using the page object model.

“The key capabilities of Parasoft Selenic have been designed to help organizations achieve Continuous Quality by establishing a scalable testing practice that optimizes the use of the UI-centric testing practices that are brittle and typically can’t handle today’s rapid application UI changes,” continued Lambert. “Parasoft has been leading the automated software testing industry for over 30 years, with innovations that enable our clients to accelerate software delivery without sacrificing quality or security. Parasoft Selenic is the last piece that completes our Continuous Quality suite, making Parasoft the only vendor that provides everything from deep code analysis and unit testing, to API and UI testing, to Performance Testing and Service Virtualization. The Parasoft suite now gives organizations everything they need to make Continuous Quality a reality and deliver on the promise of Agile and DevOps.”

To learn more, Parasoft will be showcasing Parasoft Selenic at the STARWEST 2019 conference this week in Anaheim, CA. Stop by the Parasoft at Booth #16, and/or attend the free virtual talk “How to Make Selenium Smarter.”