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Parasoft Process Intelligence Engine Earns VDC Research Embeddy Award


Award-winning technology aggregates and analyzes information throughout the embedded development lifecycle to identify business risks early and automatically


Monrovia, CA – Parasoft announced today that the Parasoft Process Intelligence Engine (PIE)—a component of Parasoft Development Testing Platform (DTP)—has been honored with the VDC Research Embeddy award. Parasoft Process Intelligence Engine analyzes data from disparate systems and tools in the embedded software development infrastructure and identifies risks and opportunities for improvement based on the organization’s priorities.

VDC’s Embeddy is awarded for the most cutting-edge product or service for embedded software developers and system engineers and is intended to highlight important advances in the embedded industry.

“VDC chose Parasoft’s Process Intelligence Engine for the Embeddy award because it puts together pieces of software development information in an innovative way,” remarked Steve Hoffenberg, VDC Research’s Director of M2M Embedded Software & Tools. “PIE should help many software organizations actually become more organized.”

Parasoft Development Testing Platform (DTP) eliminates the business risk of faulty software by consistently applying software quality practices throughout the SDLC. It enables software quality efforts to evolve from automated to continuous— delivering a platform for defect prevention and the uniform measurement of risk across teams.

Using Parasoft DTP, teams can collect millions of observations throughout the SDLC and apply advanced analysis techniques to identify business risks and reduce the costs associated with software failures. The award-winning Process Intelligence Engine (PIE) seeks out patterns buried in data across disparate systems and delivers an actionable list of findings that are prioritized according to the organization’s policies. For example, by correlating static analysis observations with unit test observations, PIE can identify application components that present the most significant risk of failure. With Parasoft’s open architecture enabling the integration of any type of data point, the possibilities are endless.

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