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Parasoft Releases New FREE Service Virtualization Community Edition


Parasoft Virtualize Community Edition allows software development teams to test faster without the overhead of writing API stubs and mocks


Parasoft, the leader in software testing solutions, is excited to announce the worldwide release of Parasoft Virtualize Community Edition. Parasoft’s new Virtualize Community Edition enables software developers and testers to quickly access a comprehensive system test environment on-demand by simulating the behavior of dependent business and IoT applications that are still-evolving or unavailable. The new Community Edition expands the offering to allow individuals, small teams, or enterprises to use service virtualization permanently for FREE.

To get started with Parasoft Virtualize Community Edition, visit: http://software.parasoft.com/virtualize/community-edition/

“We’ve responded to the market by designing the Virtualize Community Edition,” stated Mark Lambert, VP of Product Management at Parasoft. “Virtualize is now available to assist all software developers – students, open source developers, small teams, IoT, and enterprise developers alike – to build and access a complete test environment for developing an application quickly and precisely.”

Parasoft Virtualize Community Edition solution provides:

  1. Ability to quickly simulate the messaging and behavior of dependent multi-tiered systems
  2. Highly efficient API and protocol testing without the overhead of writing stubs or waiting for resources to free up
  3. Cost savings by sharing of virtual services and/or system components

“Continuous testing is part of a continuous delivery pipeline. This strategic use of [Service Virtualization and Testing (SVT)] is growing as more enterprises organize for continuous delivery (CD) by embracing Agile and DevOps,” states Forrester’s October 2016 report, Market Update: Service Virtualization and Testing Solutions. “SVT enables Agile teams to decouple testing dependencies to parallelize work and meet testing speed demand that frequent release cycles need. SVT also enables the fast, consistent provision of test environments. Integrating SVT with continuous integration (CI) tools allows QA to automatically kick off integration, performance, and functional tests and revert if automation fails or bugs are found. Many of the organizations we interviewed expected that their next adoption step would be to embed SVT in their CD pipelines.”

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