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Script-less REST and SOAP API testing, UI testing, load/performance, and security testing that’s easy to use, even for beginners

A one-stop shop for your complete automation testing needs, Parasoft SOAtest makes it easy to automate the testing of REST & SOAP APIs, web services, Microservices, databases, and more. Parasoft SOAtest leverages AI and machine learning to process service definitions and recorded traffic, produce maintainable and re-usable test assets, and enable continuous functional and load testing.

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What's new in SOAtest 2020.1?

This release includes the ability to use the @test tag to associate test cases with work items, plus an update to use OpenAPI 3.0. Read more.

Technical Specs

Parasoft SOAtest supports more message formats and protocols than any other functional testing tool. View technical specs.

How to Purchase

Annual subscription pricing is standard with Parasoft SOAtest. Please contact us for more information about licensing options.

Deployment Options
  • Desktop/IDE
  • Build/CI Integration
  • Web Interface
  • In the Cloud

Just a Few of our Happy Customers

Parasoft is a Forrester Wave Leader

"Parasoft has an impressive and concrete road map to increase test automation from design to execution, pushing autonomous testing. Parasoft shined in our evaluation specifically around effective test maintenance, strong CI/CD and application lifecycle management (ALM) platform integration, as well as reporting through its analytics system PIE."

- The Forrester Wave: Omnichannel Functional Test Automation Tools, Q3 2018

Why Parasoft SOAtest?

Parasoft SOAtest accelerates functional testing to keep up with agile development by helping testers work smarter, with scriptless testing that facilitates collaboration across dev, test, performance, and security teams.

✔ Easy to create tests
✔ Easy to orchestrate tests
✔ Easy to execute tests

SOAtest's unbeatable support for 120+ message formats/protocols and industry-shaping innovations, leveraging AI and machine learning to make API testing easier for the whole team, make SOAtest the best solution on the market for delivering high quality software at speed.