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On-The-Fly Java Unit Testing: Automate as You Code

Ensuring the reliability and stability of code is crucial, yet many teams still grapple with post-commit errors that disrupt workflows, cause build and regression failures, and delay project timelines. A significant challenge is insufficient testing, where developers make code modifications without thoroughly validating the changes.  

What if you could autonomously validate code changes, catch potential issues at the source, and help users create unit tests for their uncovered or modified code before they become costly mistakes? 

In this webinar, we’ll delve into advanced techniques and tools designed to shift left and accelerate the validation of code changes. Our expert speakers will cover: 

  • AI-enhanced unit test generation. Discover how to leverage AI-enhanced tooling to generate unit test suites to target uncovered or modified code, enabling your application team to meet coverage requirements faster.  
  • Test impact analysis. Learn methods to accurately determine the scope of code changes and identify the specific test cases needed to validate these changes, reducing unnecessary test runs and focusing efforts where they matter most. 
  • Intelligent test execution. Find out how to optimize testing by enabling teams to autonomously prioritize and execute the most critical test cases first, optimizing resource usage and speeding up the validation cycle.