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Ensure Code Quality With MISRA C++ 2023 & Static Analysis in Your CI Pipeline

Ensure Code Quality With MISRA C++ 2023 & Static Analysis in Your CI Pipeline with speaker headshots and meter graphic measuring quality to the right

Static analysis plays a key role in C and C++ software development, especially for teams developing code within an extensive set of development ecosystems that require satisfying standards like MISRA C 2023, MISRA C++ 2023, AUTOSAR C++ 14, CERT C/C++, and more.

Discover how your team can integrate static code analysis into the CI/CD pipeline to deliver higher-quality software more efficiently. We’ll show how to import analysis results generated from the CI pipeline into VS Code and Parasoft’s web dashboard solution. You’ll see how to view analysis results, suppress unwanted violations or noise, and produce the reports needed to prove compliance.

Join our webinar to learn best practices for streamlining your CI pipeline with static analysis and automating adherence to MISRA C++ 2023 to prevent unsafe, insecure, and unreliable code. Learn how to:

  • Achieve and prove compliance to coding standards like MISRA C++ 2023. 
  • Integrate C/C++test static analysis into your CI/CD pipeline. 
  • Manage and analyze static analysis results effectively. 


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