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Fuse AI Into the CI/CD Pipeline to Optimize Selenium Testing

Fuse AI Into the CI/CD Pipeline to Optimize Selenium Testing and image of brain graphic with connectivity overlay on right.

Whether you’re just getting started with Selenium or an expert looking to optimize your Selenium testing practice, you’re likely to face some common problems. To name a few: test instabilities caused by ever-changing elements, long execution times, and brittle scripts that are difficult to maintain. These can lead to a lot of test rework, reduced DevOps pipeline velocity, and ultimately delayed releases.

To easily mitigate these challenges, integrate AI and machine learning into the CI/CD pipeline to ramp up and scale Selenium tests to be more manageable. In this session, discover how to:

Use manual UI recording to quickly create Java-based page object model scripts.

  • Leverage on-the-fly self-healing during test execution to avoid runtime failures.
  • Reduce test execution time by only running the tests that are impacted by changes.
  • Achieve requirements traceability with your automated test results.
  • Increase test coverage with automated generation of end-to-end API test scenarios.