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Get Smart: Use Simulation to Accelerate API Testing

Get Smart: Use Simulation to Accelerate API Testing and image of man wearing VR glasses on right

How can you improve and accelerate your software testing? If you’re spending most of your time doing UI testing, you may not be reaching coverage or quality goals. Take it to the next level: expand to the API layer. API test automation helps you cover more of the application in less time to deliver better software faster.

Do you encounter delays getting access to external APIs and endpoints from your test environment? Use simulation to create a virtual copy that behaves just like the real thing! Your testing continues without interruptions. Collect all the test results in a dashboard view to understand coverage gaps and quality risks. Achieve a successful testing process that meets quality and delivery goals using all these techniques.

Learn how to implement continuous testing the smart way.

  • Optimize integration testing with reusable and robust API tests.
  • Leverage virtual services to ensure high availability and early access to integrated test environments.
  • Streamline the feedback loop to management with traceability and reporting.