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IoT Cybersecurity & Risk Management in the SDLC

IoT Cybersecurity & Risk Management in the SDLC webinar title with speaker headshots and abstract graphic on the right

With the massive proliferation of devices on the Internet of things (IoT), security is a primary concern across nearly every vertical market segment. From a technical perspective, security and risk management for the IoT starts at the top of the software development life cycle. Nevertheless, a culture of cybersecurity within the organization is just as crucial and needs to be fostered much like it has been for the development of safety-critical systems.

In this presentation, we discuss the importance of addressing security for your IoT device starting from the requirements management phase and how to perform a threat risk assessment. You’ll learn when to start building and ensuring security where it’s the easiest and least expensive to address in the SDLC. We’ll also share how to continue through to the verification and validation phases to detect security vulnerabilities.

Discover how application security testing technologies assist developers to make IoT devices more secure, safe, and reliable.

Learn how to:

  • Choose and apply secure coding standards quickly and cost effectively.
  • Develop secure code and meet cost and schedule demands.
  • Thoroughly test code using automated tools.
  • Prove that software security practices are being followed throughout the SDLC.